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‘The Barn’ Announced by Pomme Productions

The Barn 2021, is a new short psychological horror film, that has been making appearances to screens around North America, created by Damon Nash White.

Press Release

Pomme Productions is proud to announce their upcoming psychological short horror film, The Barn. Due for release on October 28, the 18-minute film features lead performances from Justice Tirapelli-Jamail and Los Angeles actor Rocío de la Grana, who play siblings with blurred lines of reality and consciousness. The film contains no dialogue, but instead uses an engrossing original score and practical effects to cast an unnerving, suspenseful narrative that nods to David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock and even Dream Warriors.

“I first thought of the idea for The Barn in 2016 after daydreaming while cutting up chicken for dinner, followed by dreams that mirrored the opening of the film,” shares writer, director, producer and cinematographer, DamonNash White“I woke up and just had to put it down on paper.”

He continues, “With this being my first short film, I naively thought that a no-dialogue, dream sequence-heavy, open-for-interpretation film would be a walk in the park. Early edits were a mess, but once Cory (Sinclair; Producer/Music & Sound Design) was brought in to head the score, he truly brought it all together.”

The music and sound design of The Barn are crucial to the film, creating a dark dreamscape that is both disturbing and alluring. As such, the music is receiving a dedicated release of extended and additional material on Houston boutique label Industrial Beach RecordsMusic From The Barn: A Horror Film was composed by producer/musician & sound designer, Cory Sinclair, who performs under the moniker, Hescher.

“The inspiration for this music came from having moved to Austin and living alone for a year and a half before my wife could join me,” shares Sinclair. “The isolation led to countless viewings of the film and endless experimentation with the music and sound design as well as an opportunity to explore my inner demons. The process was incredibly engrossing and I am a better musician as a result.”

“This has been a long time coming, such that I have nothing but excitement for the film to be seen and am at an utter loss for words otherwise,” shares writer, producer and star of the film, Justice Tirapelli-Jamail. “I hope nothing more than for the viewer to feel those very same emotions themselves.”


More Details

Pomme Productions is a group of three young men from Houston who now live in Los Angeles and Austin, respectively: writer, director, producer and cinematographer Damon Nash White; writer, producer and star of the film Justice Tirapelli-Jamail; and producer/musician & sound designer Cory Sinclair.

The Barn 2021 Short Horror Film

You can check out the official website at

The team at Horror Facts were also invited to view a screening of this new film, so stay tuned for our upcoming review.

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