Billy 2019 – Short [Review]

The short film Billy is very creepy and over far too quickly. It revolves around recent homeowners Steve Delgado (Scott) & Michelle Gernon (Mia). The couple purchases a home with a questionable history for below market value and come across an antique doll in a closet.

There are a few things about Billy that are all sorts of creepy. Forget the cinematography, effects, or even soundtrack. Firstly, the facial features. The wide blue eyes and oversized nose are nothing like I’ve seen before. Second, there’s something about the shoes that are curled on this doll that makes me uncomfortable. Finally, there’s the smile on its face with accompanying dimples.

YouTube video

Considering the 27 minutes of run time, director Joe Lujan does a great job creating tension quickly and maintaining it throughout. If you jump at jump scares, then there’s one that has a chance to make you.

In addition the cinematography is great. The lighting or lack thereof definitely sets a tone throughout. The home is modern and beautiful. Also, the effects used around the doll get under your skin.

To summarize, there’s a lot to like here. A cool quick flick that accomplishes its goal of convincing you this doll is causing serious problems. I’m giving it 4 skulls, definitely check it out!

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