[Review] The Lodge 2019

I came away with mixed feelings after watching The Lodge. Many parts were super relatable. Firstly, grieving over the loss of a mother or loved one. My mother recently passed away so that hit home. Secondly, Parents going through a divorce. Finally, the awkwardness of an introduction to the soon to be step-parent.

For those reasons, you could get emotionally vested with the characters in The Lodge. However, the plot’s where they lost me. Are we believing the father (Richard) would take his two children, (Mian & Aiden) to spend 2 days alone with someone (Grace) they hate and never met? Three days before Christmas, at a secluded lodge miles away from anything? Likewise, keeping in mind their mother committed suicide six months earlier?

The set – stunning. Beautifully set over-sized lodge style home leering over a giant frozen lake tundra, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The scenes containing extreme weather conditions were well done. Especially when Grace braves the elements.

Jaeden Martell (Aiden) along with Lia McHugh (Mia) do an exceptional job convincing us they’re empathetic, sad children. Mourning the loss of their beloved mother. Necessary for the plot of the movie.

Also, Riley Keough‘s interpretation of misunderstood emotionally abused step-mom Grace gets a thumbs up. Watching her very believable mental decline made me feel for her. I envision that’s how it would go for me if I were in her position.

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Given the minuscule complexities of his character, Richard Armitage does what he can. Clearly oblivious of the feelings of his children focused on his own happiness.

Furthermore, the pacing of the film… painful. We knew from the earliest moments the kids didn’t like Grace and wanted nothing to do with her. It’s continuously shown, over shown then drilled into you. As a result, the film tends to drag on.

The main purpose? Suspense. My issue… subsequently, the payoff isn’t worth the price of admission. Too much time’s spent setting you up for a big reveal. A reveal that proves to be lackluster.

Just like Goodnight Mommy ’14 where Directors Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala, previously teamed up. Mom’s being tortured by two kids.

I give it three skulls. Two and a half for the movie, half for having Alicia Silverstone. Even for fifteen minutes, my nineties crush delivers some shock value. Keep your expectations low and you’ll find it enjoyable. It’s worth a watch.

Seen it?

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