L.U.N.A 2022 – Short [Review]

The short film L.U.N.A directed by Blake Vaz, a self professed giallo aficionado, subtly mixes his passion for Italian horror within the story of a haunted house. L.U.N.A is a personal assistant akin to Amazon’s Alexa.

Field technician, Lilian Romero, is sent out to diagnose an error from her company’s home assistant device L.U.N.A. When she arrives, she discovers this is no ordinary error…Or home.
Her final stop is a unique and eerie house. Inside she meets Jaime and Sarah Campbell, a newlywed couple who are having an issue with their home assistant device, L.U.N.A.
Only this visit is not like the rest as the device beckons her deeper into the house to reveal the home’s true secret.

With only a ten minute runtime L.U.N.A tries to deliver a lot in a small amount of time. There’s a lot to like here, especially the soundtrack. For me, there’s nothing better than some suspenseful darkwave synth. This short delivers big time with that.

The plot is pretty solid. Jamie (Lauren Bair) and Sarah (Lauren Deshane) Campbell own a L.U.N.A device and it’s malfunctioning…. or is it?? Sarah is wearing an inferno t-shirt; a subtle wink to Argento’s classic. Technician Lilian Romero (Fernanda Romero) arrives at her last stop of an overloaded day to diagnose their L.U.N.A.

The short ends on a cliffhanger so it feels incomplete without the payoff. However, they did a good job moving it along to that point. Pacing was good with the soundtrack assisting with setting some tension.

L.U.N.A reminds me of 2019’s Blood Machines, if they continue the story with several more shorts keeping the dark synth soundtrack and ultimately coming to a conclusion. It kept my attention and I definitely want to see more, hopefully they’ll continue on with the story.