Trepidity 80s Slasher Films Begins Production in March

Trepidity 80s Slasher Horror Film from Acrostar Films Begins Production in March

Trepedity, an independent horror film, is set to begin filming in March in Western Illinois.

Trepidity is an independent horror film in the 80s slasher style. A group of friends get together in an old barn for a night of partying and for some unexplained reason, decide to call upon a demon thinking it’s an urban legend. Surprise! It’s not. Now they find themselves trapped in a barn with a demon which leaps from character to character until it’s ready to kill. Not knowing who the demon is in, the friendships are put to the test. It’s a race to see who’ll survive until midnight.

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. No one to trust.

Trepidity is a film adaptation of the book by the same name by S.J. Hermann. Trepidity is set to begin filming in March in Western Illinois, about 150 miles from Chicago. A crowdfunding campaign offers ways for fans to become involved in the movie production

A Facebook fan group provides behind-the-scenes information including script excerpts, cast and crew introductions and shootouts to supporters

A teaser video can be viewed below.

Trepedity stars:
Taydem Shoesmith as Samantha
Magdalena Conway as Trish
Beth Metcalf as Melissa and voice of The Demon
Paige Bourne as Taylor
Ashley Hefner as Allison

Directed by Steve Hermann, Written by Steve Hermann & Emma Norville, Produced by Ann Myrna

About Acrostar Films
Acrostar Films is an award winning Chicago based film company and was born through the passion of indie author S.J. Hermann wanting to adapt his books to screen. Hermann has been writing books since 2013 and has released nine to date representing over 11,000 downloads, with the tenth book currently in progress. Hermann adapted his short story, In the Dark, into an award-winning short film which dives into mental disease during a zombie outbreak. He has adapted several other short stories to film and has written original film scripts and scripts for web series. His genre of choice is horror and supernatural which allows his mind to create stories not only to make you think, but also to terrify you. Read more about Acrostar Films at