The Best and Bloodiest: Ranking the Top 10 Horror Movies of the 1990s

The 1990s were a landmark decade for horror, bridging the genre from the slasher-dominated 80s into more psychological and self-aware territory. Masterpieces like The Silence of the Lambs brought prestige to horror while Scream revitalized self-aware slashers. The Blair Witch Project pioneered viral internet marketing, Se7en and Candyman implanted thought-provoking …

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Fear Street 1994

Fear Street Music is 90s AWESOME

Fear Street Music was so great that it has me playing the great lineup of songs from the 90s, the flashbacks are real! Shadyside VS Sunnyside The fear street music is simply amazing such a great tribute to some of the best music ever made Nine Inch Nails, radio head …

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