Blumhouse Terror Update – New Trailers, Exclusive Images, and the #1 Horror Film You Need to See


Hello, Blumhouse Fans! It’s time for your latest roundup of screaming news straight from Blumhouse Productions. The twisted minds behind modern classics like Get Out, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity have been brewing up plenty of fresh nightmares, so let’s dive right into the latest bone-chilling developments. First up – an exclusive new image from the upcoming original film Imaginary. This subscriber-only shot gives us an early behind-the-scenes glimpse at star DeWanda Wise alongside director … Read The Full Article

John Carpenter’s Halloween and its Enduring Influence on the Slasher Genre

Michael Myers both masks

Few horror films have carved a legacy as enduring and influential as John Carpenter’s seminal 1978 slasher Halloween. With its minimalist suspense, moody aesthetic, and chilling piano score, Halloween established the template for the wave of slashers that dominated horror through the 1980s and beyond. Through decades of sequels and reboots, Michael Myers remains a seminal boogeyman. But Carpenter’s true impact resonates in Halloween’s creative DNA that shaped countless genre films to follow. By distilling … Read The Full Article

Baptized in Blood: How 80s Horror Films Defined My Love of the Macabre

Old 90s Video Store

As a lifelong horror fanatic born in 1984, the bloody blockbusters of the late 70s and 80s baptized me in terror and left an indelible mark on my darker sensibilities. My earliest memories are huddling with friends to gorge on VHS frightfests rented from our local video store. Hands trembling as we fed the chunky plastic tapes into the VCR, we held our breath through the garish previews, knowing the horrors to come would fray … Read The Full Article

Horror in Transition: Examining the Genre’s Paradigm Shifts in the 1990s

Horror in Transition: Examining the Genre's Paradigm Shifts in the 1990s

As a lifelong horror devotee, the 1990s hold a special place for me as a transitional decade that radically reshaped genre conventions on the brink of a new millennium. Following the lucrative slasher boom of the 1980s, the 90s saw seismic shifts in studio priorities, cultural tastes, and what mainstream audiences considered frightening. By revisiting horror’s uncertain status in that era, we gain deeper insight into the evolutionary forces that breached new creative territory. The … Read The Full Article