Blumhouse Terror Update – New Trailers, Exclusive Images, and the #1 Horror Film You Need to See

Hello, Blumhouse Fans! It’s time for your latest roundup of screaming news straight from Blumhouse Productions. The twisted minds behind modern classics like Get Out, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity have been brewing up plenty of fresh nightmares, so let’s dive right into the latest bone-chilling developments.

First up – an exclusive new image from the upcoming original film Imaginary. This subscriber-only shot gives us an early behind-the-scenes glimpse at star DeWanda Wise alongside director Jeff Wadlow. Details remain scare on the plot, but the premise focuses on Wise’s character being tormented by a deadly imaginary friend from childhood who mysteriously returns later in life.

Blumhouse on Set of Film

And good news – we don’t have to wait much longer, because the official trailer for Imaginary just dropped! This tantalizing first look shows Wise’s character Chastity haunted by creepy visions and signs pointing to a murderous presence. When imaginary friend Bunny comes knocking, things escalate quickly into surreal suburban nightmare territory.

Imaginary arrives February 3, 2023 and also stars Scream’s Tom Payne along with horror icon Betty Buckley. The premise alone provides freaky childhood nostalgia, so mark your calendars for this twisted imaginary friend thriller.

If aquatic horror is more your speed, then check out the new trailer for Night Swim. Starring This Is Us’ Lyric Ross, this chiller throws us into murky small town mystery after a young girl goes missing. Something deadly lurks just beneath the placid lake surface in this atmospheric thriller produced by James Wan. Dive into the deep end when Night Swim arrives on Netflix August 16.

And for those seeking scares now, the latest Insidious chapter Insidious: The Red Door is currently haunting Netflix. Director Patrick Wilson returns to the franchise, taking the Lin family back into The Further for more jump scares and psychological chills. Stream the 5th chapter in the hit ghostly saga anytime for haunted house terror done right.

That wraps up the latest blood-curdling developments from Blumhouse! Whether you crave demented imaginary friends, lakebound horrors, or more Insidious entities, they have fresh nightmare fuel for all. Stay tuned to for future Blumhouse terror updates! These modern masters of horror never rest when it comes to conjuring our darkest fears.

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