“Imaginary” Movie Review: A Disappointingly Unimaginative Horror Rehash [REVIEW]

Imaginary 2024

Imaginary friends are a rite of passage for many children, an expression of their blossoming creativity and ability to craft elaborate fantasy worlds. But what happens when that imaginary companion takes on a life of its own—a sinister life? That’s the chilling premise that underpins “Imaginary”, the latest supernatural horror film from Blumhouse Productions. Directed by Jeff Wadlow from a script he co-wrote with Greg Erb and Jason Oremland, “Imaginary” tells the story of Jessica … Read The Full Article

Blumhouse Terror Update – New Trailers, Exclusive Images, and the #1 Horror Film You Need to See


Hello, Blumhouse Fans! It’s time for your latest roundup of screaming news straight from Blumhouse Productions. The twisted minds behind modern classics like Get Out, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity have been brewing up plenty of fresh nightmares, so let’s dive right into the latest bone-chilling developments. First up – an exclusive new image from the upcoming original film Imaginary. This subscriber-only shot gives us an early behind-the-scenes glimpse at star DeWanda Wise alongside director … Read The Full Article