Blumhouse Terror Update – New Trailers, Exclusive Images, and the #1 Horror Film You Need to See


Hello, Blumhouse Fans! It’s time for your latest roundup of screaming news straight from Blumhouse Productions. The twisted minds behind modern classics like Get Out, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity have been brewing up plenty of fresh nightmares, so let’s dive right into the latest bone-chilling developments. First up – an exclusive new image from the upcoming original film Imaginary. This subscriber-only shot gives us an early behind-the-scenes glimpse at star DeWanda Wise alongside director … Read The Full Article

Blood Is Back: Saw X Reveals Chilling New Poster with Sinister Trap

Saw X Movie Poster

A new nightmare is on the horizon for Jigsaw fans. Lionsgate has unleashed the first official poster for the upcoming 10th Saw film, aptly titled Saw X, and it teases a deadly new contraption worthy of the franchise’s twisted legacy. The ominous one-sheet shows an unknown figure wearing a terrifying iron mask outfitted with two long glass tubes intersecting at the mouth to form a menacing “X” shape. My skin crawls just imagining the sinister … Read The Full Article

Spine-Chilling First Look at Nirmal Baby Varghese’s Upcoming Horror Thriller “Dreadful Chapters”

Nirmal Baby Varghese

Horror fans, prepare yourselves for some dreadful scares – the first poster for director Nirmal Baby Varghese’s upcoming Malayalam horror film “Dreadful Chapters” has been unveiled, offering a terrifying glimpse of the thrills in store. Produced by Nirmal Baby and Baby Chaitanya under the banner of Casablanca Film Factory in association with Vivid Frames, “Dreadful Chapters” promises to deliver an intensely spooky cinematic experience. The newly released poster sets an ominous tone, featuring a shadowy … Read The Full Article