I Need My MOM: Monsters Of Man; The Next Hit Out Of Australia

In need of some body-exploding-head-crushing-face-peeling-heart-stopping-elite-robot-SciFi-action-horror excitement? Director Mark Toia has got you covered and I am genuinely honored to be bringing some coverage to one of my most anticipated upcoming films of the year. The latest redband trailer for Toia’s upcoming probable genre masterpiece “Monsters of Man” has officially launched and it showcases gritty and … Read more

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A Second Look Inside The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror; Part 2, Episodes V-VII

Welcome to Part 2 of 11 rugged reviews of terror for the horror inspired, macabre enthusiast, mischievously satirical and devastatingly honest fans of The Simpsons where we take a quick peek inside their Treehouse of Horror like the fearless Losers Club that we are. This event of mine is a selfless, non-profit effort in hopes … Read more

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11 Years More Frightening: Pontypool

“Have you seen Honey?” Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie), is a local radio host that may very well be on the back nine of his career. From the big city, now jockeying at a slight broadcast station in the small village of Pontypool. An interesting drive into work late one night foreshadows even stranger things to … Read more

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Danvers State Hospital

Danvers State Hospital the true story

There is a lunatic asylum in Danvers, Massachusetts, also known as The Danvers State Hospital. As a psychiatric hospital founded in 1874, it opened its doors in 1878. Danvers State Hospital was built on many acres, meant to be autonomous and isolated from its surroundings. Despite the high cost of the building, the mega-hospital cost … Read more

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[Interview] The Vampire Goes To The Dentist children’s book.

The Vampire Goes To The Dentist Download

The Vampire Goes To The Dentist – Does your child have fear of monsters? the dentist? Vampires? We interviewed Jake Vamp the author of the children’s book The Vampire Goes To The Dentist, this is a twenty-four page illustrated book that helps children cope with their fear of the dentist while introducing children to non-gore … Read more

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