Jennifer Carpenter Returns to “Dexter”

Jennifer Carpenter Dexter

A revival of “Dexter” starring Michael C. Hall is coming back to Showtime very soon, continuing the original storyline. It will allow Showtime to make up for the original show’s finale. According to Deadline, Jennifer Carpenter, who portrayed Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan in the original series will also be returning. As Deadline points out, “Carpenter … Read more

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Four Good Horror Movies You’re Not Watching

Horror Movies

Many of you are seeking a great horror movie to watch tonight, well let us help you decide on one of the best movies that you are not watching tonight. What makes a great horror movie? Sometimes a scary movie can have some unique attributes that sets it apart from others. Here are some movies … Read more

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[Trailer] Darren Lynn Bousman Gets Wild With His Genre Bending DEATH OF ME

If there has ever been a genre filmmaker who will go down in history as one of the greatest, it’s DLB. Saw II and Saw III really solidified him as a genre creator, but it was during Repo! The Genetic Opera where he really broke the mold. His creations are wild and extreme and have … Read more

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SAW Billy Puppet Living Dead Dolls New Upgrade

Billy Puppet Returns SAW

Mezco added the very creepy Saw franchise’s Billy puppet into their Living Dead Dolls collection many years ago. A brand spanking new version of the scary doll is on the way. Billy is wearing his signature tuxedo, bowtie, and red shoes. His all-new head sculpt features protruding cheeks with spiral detailing, and red lips that … Read more

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