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Four Good Horror Movies You’re Not Watching

Many of you are seeking a great horror movie to watch tonight, well let us help you decide on one of the best movies that you are not watching tonight.

What makes a great horror movie?

Sometimes a scary movie can have some unique attributes that sets it apart from others. Here are some movies that do exactly that. 1. ‘Halloween’ Michael Myers is back in “Halloween,” taking on Laurie Strode once again. “Halloween” is a franchise that came from no where, and now it’s going strong with nine total installments, and perhaps the most popular one. The first film was from 1978, but with its terrific story and performance, it has gained popularity over the years. 2. ‘Suspiria’ Dario Argento’s follow-up to the legendary “Suspiria” is considered to be one of the best horror movies ever made. Luca Guadagnino’s “Suspiria” takes the themes of cults and beauty to a whole other level. This would be a great flick to watch for anyone who appreciates the horror genre.


Release Date: Feb 24, 2018 Writer: Carlton Cuse Director: Joseph Cedar Synopsis: What if we lost our jobs and savings in the financial crisis, but were granted one final chance to see our family before our doom? Follow Ben and Sarah as they plan their lives as the last man and woman on Earth. Get Out Release Date: Feb 24, 2018 Writer: Jordan Peele Director: Jordan Peele Synopsis: When Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) meets the beautiful Rose (Allison Williams) for the first time, she suggests that they meet her parents for the first time. At first, Chris is nervous about meeting Rose’s parents, but as the weekend progresses, he finds himself more and more uneasy with the idea of meeting Rose’s irreligious parents who are very conservative.


I feel like the new scary movie this week is going to be Rings. Don’t get me wrong I love the movie but we all need a little break once in a while. I have watched all the John Carpenter films that I can get my hands on but I think this one will be a hard sell for me. Truth or Dare The movie looks scary but I have watched the trailer 100 times and it is just a bunch of girls going crazy over playing a silly game. A Quiet Place This movie looks creepy but I don’t think I am in the right frame of mind for it. A Quiet Place We are all on the edge of our seats waiting for the new Carrie remake and if you have not seen the trailer for the remake of The Ring yet you should definitely do that.

Get Out

Get Out is a film directed by Jordan Peele. The movie focuses on Chris, an African American man, who visits his white girlfriend’s, Rose’s, parents. Unbeknownst to him Rose has made her parents for this very reason. They love black people. The Shape of Water This movie is also directed by Jordan Peele. Get Out fans should not miss this movie as well. The Shape of Water focuses on a mute janitor named Elisa and her life as an “aquatic” woman. What she experiences during her work day and what she discovers at the end of the movie is truly a movie not to be missed. I Saw the Light A movie that is in cinemas right now is I Saw the Light. I Saw the Light is based on the life of Hank Williams. It’s one of the best movies about country music.

The Great Wall

I am going to come clean here and tell you that I had never even heard of The Great Wall before this whole Twilight movie sweepstakes took off. However, I knew immediately that it would be a great movie, and now I am sure of it. The Great Wall is a Chinese movie directed by Zhang Yimou and it is about a war between two armies to protect their lands from invaders. Great set piece, excellent performances, the look of the film is absolutely beautiful. It is just a great movie and it is my #1 pick for the best horror movies that you are not watching tonight. Poltergeist You know when you see something on the internet and it says that it is the best horror movie, well you can not pass that up. So what is the best horror movie that you are not watching tonight?


Some of you are looking for a good scare in the dark, as others are looking for a comedy/horror flick, and to be fair there are some great movies for you to watch tonight. However, these 4 best horror movies that you are not watching tonight are some of the most impressive horror movies of all time. See what movies your friends and colleagues are not watching tonight on FandangoNOW.

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