40th Anniversary of THE EVIL DEAD in theaters

In honor of its 40th anniversary, THE EVIL DEAD returns to theaters with an introduction by Ash! (Bruce Campbell).

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Sam Raimi’s original horror classic, The Evil Dead, which will be released in cinemas nationwide by Fathom Events and Grindhouse Releasing. Bruce Campbell, who portrayed the film’s iconic lead character, Ashley “Ash” Williams, will be on hand to introduce the film that spawned a film, TV, and video game franchise. Films like Evil Dead Rise are a part of the franchise spawned by the film.

In theaters nationwide, The Evil Dead 40th Anniversary is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, Oct. 7.

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“We are thrilled to give horror fans the opportunity to gather together and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sam Raimi’s cult classic The Evil Dead,” “Let’s kick off the Halloween season with the film that started an amazing franchise.”

Ray Nutt

Fathom Events CEO

On Friday, August 13th, tickets for The Evil Dead 40th Anniversary will be available at FathomEvents.com as well as the participating theatres. Please visit Fathom Events website for an updated list of movie theaters participating.

“We are proud to present this special 40th-anniversary screening of Evil Dead with Fathom Events, The original film has always been my favorite of the series. It is truly one of the scariest and wildest horror films of all time. I’m thrilled that a new generation of fans will have the chance to experience it in the way I first did – on the big screen with a screaming audience!”  

Bob Murawski

Grindhouse Releasing

The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and all three seasons of Ash vs Evil Dead will be collected into a box set by Lionsgate Home Entertainment in fall 2021.

Super excited to go see the evil dead original in theaters are you?