April 19, 2021

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Danvers State Hospital also known as The Danvers Lunatic Asylum, is located in Danvers, Massachusetts, United States.

The psychiatric hospital hospital was built in 1874 and opened its doors in 1878, it was build on many acres, designed to be self sustained and isolated from the rest of the state.

The mega hospital cost $1.5 million U.S dollars, the original layout was to consist of two main center buildings used to house the administrative wing of the hospital. Along with four outward wings on each side of the administration block. The laundry, chapel, kitchen and living spaces(dormitories) for the attendants were in a connecting building in the rear. Danvers had its own water supply coming from Middleton Pond. On each side of the main building were the wings, for male and female patients respectively. The furthest wards were reserved for the most hostile patients.

The greater part of the structures nearby were associated by a maze of passages. A considerable lot of the Commonwealth foundations for the formatively deferred and the intellectually sick at the time were planned with burrow frameworks, to act naturally adequate in wintertime. There was a passage that ran from a steam/power creating plant (which despite everything exists to offer support to the Hogan Regional Center) situated at the base of the slope approaching the emergency clinic, alongside burrows that associated the male and female attendants homes, the “Dim Gables”, Bonner Medical Building, machine shops, siphon house, and a couple of others.


The hospital was accused of performing inhumane shock therapies, frontal lobotomies, mind bending drugs, and straitjackets were being used to keep the crowded hospital under control. This ignited a large controversy.

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