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Our friend Jake Vamp has released another children’s book, ‘Take a Bath Bigfoot’. The latest story book is about A young girl who meets bigfoot and teaches him why being clean is important. Check out the book on Amazon JustinFounder and Lead Developer for Horror Facts independent horror magazine. Husband, Sailor and Independent Writer horrorfacts.comShare this article

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[Interview] The Vampire Goes To The Dentist children’s book.

The Vampire Goes To The Dentist Download

The Vampire Goes To The Dentist – Does your child have fear of monsters? the dentist? Vampires? We interviewed Jake Vamp the author of the children’s book The Vampire Goes To The Dentist, this is a twenty-four page illustrated book that helps children cope with their fear of the dentist while introducing children to non-gore horror which may also help alleviate any fears the child may have about monsters such as vampires. I first seen …

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