Nirmal Baby Varghese

Spine-Chilling First Look at Nirmal Baby Varghese’s Upcoming Horror Thriller “Dreadful Chapters”

Horror fans, prepare yourselves for some dreadful scares – the first poster for director Nirmal Baby Varghese’s upcoming Malayalam horror film “Dreadful Chapters” has been unveiled, offering a terrifying glimpse of the thrills in store. Produced by Nirmal Baby and Baby Chaitanya under the banner of Casablanca Film Factory in association with Vivid Frames, “Dreadful Chapters” promises to deliver an intensely spooky cinematic experience.

The newly released poster sets an ominous tone, featuring a shadowy hooded figure enveloped in swirling smoke against a backdrop of the film’s title etched in bloody lettering. This impactful imagery hints at the nerve-shredding scares and chills in store when “Dreadful Chapters” hits screens.

According to the director, the film will follow a group of friends trapped in a nightmarish time loop, forced to relive the same horrific experiences over and over again. The poster’s creepy hooded entity seems to be the sinister force behind the time loop, keeping the characters helplessly stuck in an endless repetition of dread.

Leading the film’s cast are Jeffin Joseph, Varun Ravindran, Arya Krishnan, Shyam Salash, Nibin Stany and Lasya Balakrishnan. For director Nirmal Baby Varghese, “Dreadful Chapters” marks his second spine-tingling horror feature following “Vazhiye”, Kerala’s first found footage horror flick. Nirmal is known for his award-winning documentary “Thariode” and is currently adapting it into a horror feature titled “Thariode: The Lost City” starring international artists.

The crew behind “Dreadful Chapters” includes cinematographer Midhun Eravil, editor and sound designer Nirmal Baby Varghese himself, and composer Fazal Khais. The film’s editing and post-production work has been completed, paving the way for its launch across multiple languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

From the tiny first glimpse offered by the poster, “Dreadful Chapters” looks set to deliver a petrifying ride merging time loop tropes with chilling horror imagery. The director’s track record promises top-notch production values and spine-tingling scares engineered to haunt audiences long after the credits roll. Brace yourselves, horror fans – with “Dreadful Chapters”, Nirmal Baby Varghese is all set to open up a new dimension of dreadful Indian horror.

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