Lifeforce: Tobe Hooper’s Overlooked ’80s Horror Gem

Lifeforce 1985

Amongst horror fans, Lifeforce remains one of the most tragically underseen gems of the 1980s horror boom. Directed by genre maverick Tobe Hooper hot on the heels of Poltergeist, this eccentric sci-fi vampire tale failed to make a major splash upon release but has gone on to earn a devoted cult following. Blending space opera, body horror, apocalyptic thrills, and erotic overtones, Lifeforce offers a smorgasbord of outlandish delights awaiting rediscovery by curious horror devotees. … Read The Full Article

Baptized in Blood: How 80s Horror Films Defined My Love of the Macabre

Old 90s Video Store

As a lifelong horror fanatic born in 1984, the bloody blockbusters of the late 70s and 80s baptized me in terror and left an indelible mark on my darker sensibilities. My earliest memories are huddling with friends to gorge on VHS frightfests rented from our local video store. Hands trembling as we fed the chunky plastic tapes into the VCR, we held our breath through the garish previews, knowing the horrors to come would fray … Read The Full Article