“Lovely, Dark, and Deep”: Atmospheric Horror at Its Finest

Lovely, Dark, and Deep (2023)

“Lovely, Dark, and Deep” plunges viewers into the heart of darkness, as park ranger Lennon, portrayed with stunning intensity by Georgina Campbell, navigates the treacherous wilderness of a national park haunted by a legacy of disappearances. Director Teresa Sutherland masterfully crafts an atmosphere of suffocating dread, utilizing ominous cinematography and a droning score to heighten the sense of impending doom. As Lennon delves deeper into the park’s secrets, the line between reality and nightmare blurs, … Read The Full Article

Gothic (1986) – Russell’s Surreal Portrait of Creative Darkness

Gothic (1986)

I was eager to revisit Ken Russell’s 1986 cult classic Gothic. This surreal and stylized take on the fabled night Mary Shelley conceived Frankenstein has all the ingredients to delight fans of phantasmagoric cinema. Russell wastes no time plunging viewers into the libertine world of Lord Byron, surrounding the poet with bosomy maidens and scandalized tourists. Upon arrival at Byron’s Lake Geneva estate, Percy Bysshe Shelley can barely contain his ardor, quoting poetry amid lightning … Read The Full Article

Insidious Franchise Stretched Thin in Sequel The Red Door

insidious the red door

As a devotee of all things horror, I entered my viewing of Insidious: The Red Door with an open mind but alas, found this sequel to deliver diminishing returns. Trading the atmospheric tension of the original for loud jump scares and unearned story turns, The Red Door shortchanges fans of the Insidious franchise. Picking up years after the Lambert family’s brush with the Further realm, The Red Door finds eldest son Dalton entering troubled young … Read The Full Article

Return to the Neon-Soaked Vampire Dens of the 1980s with ‘Vamp’

Vamp Vampire movie from the 80s reviewed in 2023

Vamp: An Exotic, Stylized 80s Horror Gem Lost in the Neon Wonderland of Cult Cinema The 1980s represented a phenomenal boom period for the horror genre that shaped and defined the world of scary movies as we know them today. Following the groundwork laid by classics in the 1970s like The Exorcist, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Halloween, horror films in the 80s exploded in popularity and brought new innovations to the genre. Advances … Read The Full Article

Night Terrors Come to Life in Waking Nightmare, A Twisted New Horror-Thriller

Waking Nightmare new horror movie comin August 2023

Brace yourself for a waking nightmare – the spine-tingling new horror rollercoaster ride from Terror Films. As revealed in a new press release, Waking Nightmare hits VOD on August 18th, boasting a scream queen cast featuring stars of classic 80s horror flicks. The trailer shows Shelley Regner (Pitch Perfect) as Jordan, a young woman prescribed sleeping pills after the loss of a friend sends her into bouts of dangerous sleepwalking. As the line between dreams … Read The Full Article