Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation and the Era of Weird 1990s Horror

In the vast slasher sequel landscape, there exists a strange breed of follow-ups that wildly diverge from their predecessors. While most recapitulate the formula that worked to diminishing returns, these oddball entries throw expectations out … Read The Full Article

Vamp Vampire movie from the 80s reviewed in 2023

Return to the Neon-Soaked Vampire Dens of the 1980s with ‘Vamp’

Vamp: An Exotic, Stylized 80s Horror Gem Lost in the Neon Wonderland of Cult Cinema The 1980s represented a phenomenal boom period for the horror genre that shaped and defined the world of scary movies … Read The Full Article

Arrow on Demand

Slasher Cinema and Tortured Souls: Arrow Video Announces Killer August 2023 Lineup

Gorehounds and horror freaks, it’s time to get excited. Arrow Video just dropped their tantalizing lineup for August 2023, and it’s a bloody buffet of brutality, revenge, and tortured psyches that will satiate even the … Read The Full Article