Lifeforce: Tobe Hooper’s Overlooked ’80s Horror Gem

Lifeforce 1985

Amongst horror fans, Lifeforce remains one of the most tragically underseen gems of the 1980s horror boom. Directed by genre maverick Tobe Hooper hot on the heels of Poltergeist, this eccentric sci-fi vampire tale failed to make a major splash upon release but has gone on to earn a devoted cult following. Blending space opera, body horror, apocalyptic thrills, and erotic overtones, Lifeforce offers a smorgasbord of outlandish delights awaiting rediscovery by curious horror devotees. … Read The Full Article

Captive Scout Taylor-Compton Sinks Her Teeth into Vampirism in Tubi’s

Tubi 2023 Captive

Tubi continues churning out lively original genre films to devour, and their 2021 vampire outing Captive should sufficiently sate B-movie fans’ bloodlust. Helmed by director Gregg Simon, this fast-paced creature feature combines familiar tropes with engrossing twists to deliver modest but entertaining horror action. And leading lady Scout Taylor-Compton shines as a mild-mannered young woman turned ruthless femme fatale after being “turned.” Captive quickly introduces us to a group of rather foolish friends who decide … Read The Full Article

The release date of Universal’s Dracula film has been pushed back to summer 2023.

Renfield, starring Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, isn’t Universal’s only Dracula film set to be released in 2023. They’ll also be releasing the entirely unrelated Dracula project The Last Voyage of the Demeter next year — and while Demeter was initially intended to hit theaters on January 27, 2023, three months before Renfield, Universal has chosen to move it to the summer. Based on a single chapter, the Captain’s Log, from Bram Stoker’s classic 1897 … Read The Full Article