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Baring Fangs Anew: How 90s Horror Resurrected the Vampire Genre

Like a drop of blood re-animating lifeless flesh, a startling resurgence of creative vampire films in the 1990s revitalized the subgenre after a decade of diminishing returns. Forward-thinking directors infused new blood into timeless mythology, reimagining bloodsuckers through fresh lenses tinted by metaphors relevant to modern audiences. From tragic romances …

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AMC debuted a short teaser for various shows during Super Bowl Sunday, including the final season of the long-running The Walking Dead and the forthcoming premiere of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. The eight-episode first season of Interview with the Vampire, led by showrunner and screenwriter Rolin Jones, is …

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‘Author Anne Rice Passes Away at 80

Anne Rice, author of The Vampire Chronicles has passed away due to complications from a stroke. The tragic news comes from her son Christopher Rice, who announced his mother’s passing on December 11, 2021, via Facebook. In his post, he writes: “Dearest People of Page. This is Anne’s son Christopher …

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