The first teaser for the upcoming AMC series “Interview with the Vampire” has been released.

With the exception of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, Interview With the Vampire is returning. However, it will be delivered in a more substantial AMC packaging instead. This version will convey a more in-depth story than the original two-hour film. In reality, the eight episodes will serve as a significant enlargement of the book, allowing much more of Anne Rice’s story to be presented.

Rice’s novel can be told in its entirety in an 8-hour miniseries, which has the potential to convey the complete story. The time Claudia and Louis spent at sea is something I’d want to see explored further in this rendition. Unfortunately, the film skipped over that part in order to keep the plot moving forward. Because of Neil Jordan’s time limits, it worked, but here we are given the opportunity to spend a far longer amount of time with these folks.