Watch The Tubi Original “Titanic 666”

The Titanic is recognized to practically everyone alive today as the ship that could not be sunk, despite the fact that it did in fact sink on April 15, 1912, in the North Atlantic Ocean. Tubi’s new original film ” Titanic 666 ” brings a new twist to the story of the Titanic as the ship Titanic III makes it maiden voyage.

It’s hard to believe that its been 110 years since the Titanic met its tragic end after colliding with an iceberg, and now Tubi has released a new film in collaboration with Asylum films to bring “Titanic 666” to the Tubi streaming platform, on the anniversary of the tragic sinking of the ship. The new film will be available on Tubi starting April 15th 2022.

Due to our early access to the film, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive Titanic 666 film review that includes all you need to know about the movie, you can start by watching the official movie trailer posted just below here.

YouTube video

Based loosely on the events of the actual Titanic the new film stars, AnnaLynne McCord (“68 Kill,” “Trash Fire,” “90210”), Jamie Bamber (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Law & Order: UK”), Keesha Sharp (“Empire,” “American Crime Story”) Lydia Hearst (“Z Nation,” “The Haunting of Sharon Tate”). Dark powers arise from the depths of the ocean bubbling to the surface, terrifying everyone on board the RMS Titanic III and threatening to recreate one of history’s worst calamities.

The film begins on a high note with a lovely cruise ship that has been furnished to look just like the original Titanic, but with a modern contemporary twist, including smart phones, high-tech equipment, and the works.

As part of a historic global event, people from all over the world have flocked to New York City to board the Titanic III, which is positioned on the general route that the original Titanic took on its final voyage. Guests will be able to enjoy what appears to be an amazing five-star cruise, but of course, this is Titanic 666. Even though I say that it’s the general path that the actual Titanic took when it left port from Southampton in England, it is later revealed that the ship actually left from New York at a certain point in the film. I guess being an actual sailor, I pay attention to things like port calls and other such details. So, putting the tiny divergence in courses aside, the Titanic III is a stunningly beautiful ship that looks fantastic on screen, which was a pleasant surprise since I had anticipated that all of the action would take place inside the ship when I initially turned on the movie.

The voyage is being documented on live streams by social media influencers and merchants who have recovered historical relics from the original vessel, such as jewelry, musical instruments, and even a lifeboat. There is also one stowaway who is related to the captain of the original Titanic, who also happens to be a practitioner of the dark arts/witchcraft.

Not too long into the scenes it’s revealed that the Witch is hearing voices and having visions of the past from her long deceased relatives, after unzipping herself out of a suitcase she proceeds to steal a uniform to blend in with steward crew, heading right to the area where the relics are being displayed and are secretly being sold off for a small fortune.

The witch steals some of the relics and starts a ritual in the ships underbelly which brings fourth vengeful spirits of those lost as sea, it’s not long after this until the paranormal and bloodshed begins.

That’s where I’m going to stop on movie and plot details, as I don’t want to ruin the film for any of you reading this review of Titanic 666.

The special effects are rather outstanding. The only drawback is that the shots of the ghosts are panned away from rapidly, so you don’t get to see them on screen as much as I wanted. They looked good and more could have been done with them for sure.

While I enjoyed the picture, there were a few small flaws in the narrative. It seemed like much of the film was chopped in order to save time, It left me expecting more character development or less development on minor characters, which was disappointing. I guess it kept in the spirit of an Asylum film, fans of Asylum know exactly what that means.

Aside from what I have revealed in the plot to the movie the story is pretty good if you are a fan of Ghost Ship and other movies based at sea then you will more then likely enjoy the film.

You can check out “Titanic 666,” which is exclusively streaming on Tubi. The film will release on the streaming platform April 15th 2022.