The FRANK HORROR Podcast Wants You To Listen!

Frank Horror Podcast

We were recently sent a press kit for the FRANK HORROR podcast, and it looks great. SINNER’S MOON – When three young women(longtime friends and roommates) learn that a famousArt-Metal band is coming to town, they make it theirmission to meet and party with the band. But themansion where the band is staying to record theirupcoming album has a sordid occult past – a past thatlingers still within its halls and haunts their dreams.The season … Read The Full Article

Podcast: Happy Death Day on AHHP

Happy Death Day

The AHH Crew is back with another movie review, and this time it’s Happy Death Day! Last week, Andrew chose The Stepfather, which Kat greatly loved. It’s safe to tell that Happy Death Day is a Kat pick…but will Andrew appreciate it? There is an answer to that million dollar question. In addition, Mike is on hand, for what it’s worth. Slasher film Happy Death Day was directed by Christopher Landon and written by Scott … Read The Full Article

America’s Hometown Horror Podcast

Americas Hometown Podcast

Recently I was suggested the America’s Hometown Horror Podcast as a new person to follow on twitter. I did just that I decided to follow the account as I’m always interested in finding new horror content to consume. I followed them and decided that I would check out the show later. After I listened to an episode I must say it was very well done and the hosts of the show make you feel welcome, … Read The Full Article

Interview With Horror Based Podcast ‘I Spit in Your Mouth’

Horror is a genre that can have such a varied effect on those who watch it. There are those that eat, sleep, and breathe horror; their identity can be defined by the macabre films they consume. There are those that live to be scared and actively seek out the real-life things that go bump in the night. Then there are those that can only dip their toes into the world of horror. The images on … Read The Full Article