Americas Hometown Podcast

America’s Hometown Horror Podcast

Recently I was suggested the America’s Hometown Horror Podcast as a new person to follow on twitter. I did just that I decided to follow the account as I’m always interested in finding new horror content to consume. I followed them and decided that I would check out the show later.

After I listened to an episode I must say it was very well done and the hosts of the show make you feel welcome, along with topics that a horror fan can relate to.

The show is headlined by three main hosts Mike, Andrew and Kat which you will become familiar with after listening to some episodes of the podcast. Each bring something unique to the show in the way of perspective and tone.

Right now as of this post there is a whopping 111 episodes available showing the pure dedication of the AHHP team and their absolute love of horror.

If you get a spare moment check out the show its worth a listen and adds a fresh perspective to some of your favorite horror.

America’s Hometown Horror Podcast is streaming on all major podcast platforms like Google Podcasts, Apple, Spotify and more.

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