The FRANK HORROR Podcast Wants You To Listen!

We were recently sent a press kit for the FRANK HORROR podcast, and it looks great.

SINNER’S MOON – When three young women
(longtime friends and roommates) learn that a famous
Art-Metal band is coming to town, they make it their
mission to meet and party with the band. But the
mansion where the band is staying to record their
upcoming album has a sordid occult past – a past that
lingers still within its halls and haunts their dreams.
The season 1 fiction presentation, SINNER’S MOON
is a 7- episode horror drama, complete with narration,
voice actors, sound effects and musical score.

podcast that takes a psychological deep-dive
into all things horror and macabre.
Hosted by Frank Juchniewicz, a.k.a., “Frank
Horror” – writer, director, filmmaker and
podcaster with a background in counseling
psychology… and Dr. Elliott Rotman, a clinical
psychologist in private practice with a
background in acting and the arts.

The podcast is available on just about every streaming platform so give it a listen today.