Follow The Haunting in ‘The House in Between 2’

In 2020, ‘The House in Between’, a documentary by paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves and filmmaker Kendall Whelpton, introduced the world to Alice Jackson and her alleged haunted home in Florence, Mississippi.

In the original film, Gonsalves and his team of investigators showcased Jackson’s story and the paranormal occurrences that appeared to be going on inside her home. Occurrences that have kept her from living in the house for over a decade.

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The team hopes that by releasing “The House in Between 2,” they will be able to exhibit their ongoing involvement in the alleged haunting of the Mississippi home and provide the viewer with the most thorough paranormal investigation ever recorded.

In this second installment, Gonsalves mixes science and spirituality in the hope of finally uncovering the source behind the alleged hauntings.

Thinking that the occurrences in the house might have something to do with the land surrounding the home, the team brings in GPR Technician Benton Smith. Using his ground-penetrating software, Smith discovers what he thinks could be ten unmarked graves in the backyard of Jackson’s home.

Geophysicist Carolyn Streiff is then brought in to attempt to explain the light phenomena that have been occurring inside the home. While surveying the land, she discovers similar occurrences to that one would find in a cemetery. What makes this more chilling is that, in the process, Streiff witnesses an unknown apparition, forcing this once skeptic to now consider the possibility that things are going on in the home that science can’t explain.

Could the house be haunted by the spirits of the dead buried in Jackson’s backyard?

Next, psychic medium Jill Morris, who collaborated with Gonsalves in the original ‘The House in Between’, is brought back to see if she can get a reading on the spirits that dwell within Jackson’s home. While in the home, Morris reveals that she can sense that there’s a man’s spirit that does not want her there, a presence that might have something to do with what happened in the backyard.

To collaborate with her story, psychic medium Sam Baltrusis is also brought in to see if he can get a similar reading of the home. He too reveals that there’s a spirit that does not want him there, and warns him not to go messing around in the backyard.

This mounting evidence convinces Gonsalves and the team that in order to figure out what’s going on in the home, they need to dig up the secrets buried in the backyard.

To add another element to the investigation, paranormal investigators Dustin Pari and Elizabeth Saint Robert were also brought on to lend their investigation skills to the alleged haunting. This late-night session leads to the pair experiencing the most surreal investigation of their careers.

I came into ‘The House in Between 2’ without having seen the original, and I found the film sets itself up quite well to allow new viewers to jump into the story at this halfway point.

As a new viewer, you’re given a quick setup of the haunting events that have transpired in the house. You’re then shown some footage of the team speaking with the entity, asking it to move items they placed on the stairs, but it doesn’t take you long to realize that the footage you’re watching was featured in the first documentary.

Despite the filmmaker attempting to allow new viewers to transition into the ongoing story with relative ease, it’s apparent you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle by jumping into the story so far along.

The format of ‘The House in Between 2’ revolves around bringing in “experts” to attempt to determine the source of the paranormal phenomena. With each new expert, a potential lead in the case is revealed, but a lot of what is happening is circumstantial.

The film feels very much like you’re watching an extended episode of ‘Ghost Hunters’ or ‘Ghost Nation’, which shouldn’t come as a shock, as Gonsalves serves as a lead investigator on both shows.

Like with most paranormal shows, despite the investigator’s best efforts, you don’t get a definitive answer, and the viewer is tasked with determining what they believe is real and what is fake.

Are the sounds on the tape actually a ghost attempting to make contact, or are you only hearing what you want to hear? Can the whole thing be explained by science, or is what’s happening truly the work of the supernatural?

If you’re a fan of ghost hunting shows, ‘The Hose in Between 2’ is a must-watch, as it delves deeper into a paranormal incident than any other investigation has before.

But if you’re a non-believer, then this documentary will have nothing for you.

Watch ‘The House in Between 2’ and find out what the team of investigators uncovers in their search for answers and whether or not Alice Jackson is finally able to spend a night in the home she has avoided for over a decade.