Raising Hell: How the 90s Became Possessed by Religious Horror

As a horror-obsessed teen coming of age in the 1990s, I felt as though I was experiencing a profound religious reawakening vicariously through the decade’s startling resurgence of provocative occult cinema. I sought primal metaphors … Read The Full Article

TRAIN TO BUSAN PRESENTS: PENINSULA – A Missed Opportunity of a Horror-Action Movie Sequel

Like many other people, I was excited to learn that an alleged sequel to 2016’s very well received and successful film Train to Busan had been announced. Unfortunately that excitement was gone almost as quickly … Read The Full Article

Mila Jovovich Sexy Pictures

Milla Jovovich Horror Movies

Milla Jovovich is an Ukrainian-born actress, supermodel, fashion designer, singer and public figure, who was on the cover of more than a hundred magazines, and starred in such films as the Resident Evil franchise. Milica Bogdanovna … Read The Full Article