Count Orlok’s Return: Empire Magazine Teases Eggers’ Nosferatu

Whispers from the crypt, my darlings of the dark—the visage that once heralded the dawn of cinematic horror is stirring once again. It’s with a heart pounding like the footsteps of a creature lurking in the shadows that I share the latest tidings from Empire Magazine: the original face of the undead, Nosferatu, is being reanimated by the maestro of the macabre, Robert Eggers.

This isn’t your grandmother’s silent flick; it’s a symphony of terror that will echo through theater halls next year. The image that has crept from the pages of Empire is but a tantalizing morsel, a promise of the nightmares to come, haunting our eager anticipation.

Crafted within the gothic tapestry of Prague by Focus Features, the film has now wrapped its spectral arms around production. Written and directed by Eggers, this phantasmagorical feature weaves a tale as old as the bloodsucking legends themselves—a gothic tale of obsession. The haunted Ellen, portrayed by the ever-luminous Lily-Rose Depp, finds herself in a macabre pas de deux with none other than the ancient Transylvanian vampire, Count Orlok. Bill Skarsgard, with a gaze as piercing as the night is dark, embodies this legendary creature that brings with him a shadow of untold horror.

Joining this danse macabre is a cast that sends shivers up my spine in the best possible way. Nicholas Hoult steps into the ill-fated shoes of Thomas Hutter, with Willem Dafoe, Emma Corrin, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Simon McBurney, and Ralph Ineson completing the ensemble that will no doubt haunt our dreams.

Let us not forget the roots from which this gnarled tree of terror grew—the original Nosferatu. F.W. Murnau and Henrik Galeen took inspiration from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, introducing the world to the inimitable Count Orlok (portrayed by the chilling Max Schreck), a vampire whose very presence spelled doom and despair for a small town and its inhabitants.

My fellow enthusiasts of the eerie and the unsettling, keep your eyes peeled on Horror News Network for more shivers and updates on this most anticipated Nosferatu remake. The past and present collide, and I, for one, can hardly wait to embrace the darkness once more.