Does Silent Night Deadly Night 2 merely rehash the first film?

Does anyone have any fond memories of the movie Silent Night, Deadly Night? In point of fact, the movie was a big success in theaters before it was pulled, and it is currently much more successful on home video. A sequel was made because there was such a huge demand for it, despite the fact that it had to be made on a limited budget and that the director, Lee Harry, had to work hard to avoid just repeating the highlights from the first movie. But if we’re being completely honest, Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is simply a retread of the first one, save for a few fresh scenes here and there.

The main character of Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is Ricky, who happens to be the younger brother of Billy who murdered Santa Claus in the movie that came before this one. The story begins with Ricky speaking with a doctor when he is incarcerated, which leads to the use of flashbacks later on in the narrative. However, Ricky would have been too little to remember many of the occurrences when he was a baby in the earlier movie, which merely adds to the comedic value of the scenario. Then, shocker of shocks, Ricky manages to flee, and he heads for the strict mother figure that appears in the version of the narrative told in the original film.

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 contains everything you could want in an unintentionally humorous movie, from Ricky’s continual grimaces to the odd death jokes and the bad acting from the rest of the gang. If you’re searching for a movie full of inadvertently funny language, this one has it all. Let’s take a look at the extremely unwatchable scene in which Ricky goes on a rampage in a suburban neighborhood and strikes a neighbor who is merely attempting to set his garbage cans in the appropriate location.

As Ricky’s neighbor attempts to assist him in placing his garbage cans in the appropriate location, Ricky’s frustration with his neighbor grows. Ricky picks a fight with his next-door neighbor whenever the latter makes an effort to behave morally by positioning his garbage cans in the appropriate location. It is not known what caused Ricky to become aggressive. This gentleman is only making an honest effort to take care of his flat by positioning his garbage cans in the appropriate location. Ricky points a handgun towards the other guy and then says “Garbage Day” after firing the weapon. After then, Ricky draws his firearm and begins firing at the other man. Ricky’s shots hit the target. Even though Eric Freeman is the most gullible of the victims in Silent Night Deadly Night 2, the other victims are equally as dim-witted as he is.

Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2

The comedic success of this sequel is owed in large part to Eric Freeman’s performance as Ricky in Silent Night Deadly Night 2. The horrible things that he says make it nearly impossible not to fall on the floor and giggle at them. Another one of his distinguishing characteristics is the extraordinary capacity to make extensive use of his eyebrows when he is speaking. The sequence in which Ricky goes on a murdering rampage in a peaceful neighborhood is the most thrilling part of the movie. After killing his lover’s ex-boyfriend with a battery, he then turned the handgun on his own girlfriend and an incompetent police officer. He finished off his victims with a shot from the pistol. The most memorable part of the scene is when Ricky is marching down the street and an unsuspecting neighbor with a garbage can walks out of his house at the same time. After that, Ricky exclaims “Garbage Day” before firing a shot at the man who had just approached him. This remark is widely regarded as one of the most hilariously awful one-liners that has ever been said in the history of cinema.

It is not even close to being as good as the very best works in the history of the horror genre, but it is entertaining enough and has a story that is fascinating enough to stand on its own. To restate it another way, it serves its purpose well enough for me. A little boy watches as a man disguised as Santa Claus brutally murders his parents, which causes him to acquire a psychotic and violent fascination with the Christmas season and its most well-known symbol. Because of this, the celebration and the symbol it represents take on an even more significant meaning for the youngster. And because he is so consumed with the happening and the symbol that it stands for, he takes the lives of those around him. As we discover less and less about Ricky and what motivates him, the sequel gradually gets more confusing, and we lose much of the clarity that it once possessed.

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Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is basically something best saved for “Garbage Day”.

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is currently available for viewing on a number of different platforms. Tubi is a great way to watch you don’t have to pay any more money to access it. You may also watch it on Amazon or Shudder, with or without the narration provided by Joe Bob Briggs, depending on your preference.

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