The Day of the Triffids: Amazon’s New Miniseries Adaptation of the Sci-Fi Classic

Day of the Triffids

The Day of the Triffids, a classic science fiction novel written by John Wyndham in 1951, has been a fan favorite for decades. The story is about an alien invasion on Earth, where a cloud of seeds germinates into sentient plants known as Triffids. The invasion leaves a significant portion of the human population blinded by a meteor shower, creating a unique and thrilling scenario. Recently, The Wrap reported that Amazon Studios has acquired the … Read The Full Article

Stream ‘Master’ on Amazon Prime

Master Amazon Prime

Amazon Studios debuted Master, a thriller starring Regina Hall, at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, which addresses the hardships of living on university as the lone Black woman in a reputedly haunted dorm…while still being racist. It was one of the more intriguing films I saw on my virtual Sundance trip this year, and it clarified why I’d been keeping track of Hall’s development on-screen. She’s always funny, but in this performance, she takes it … Read The Full Article