The Day of the Triffids: Amazon’s New Miniseries Adaptation of the Sci-Fi Classic

The Day of the Triffids, a classic science fiction novel written by John Wyndham in 1951, has been a fan favorite for decades. The story is about an alien invasion on Earth, where a cloud of seeds germinates into sentient plants known as Triffids. The invasion leaves a significant portion of the human population blinded by a meteor shower, creating a unique and thrilling scenario.

Recently, The Wrap reported that Amazon Studios has acquired the rights to the novel for its latest adaptation. The online giant is planning to develop the property as a series of miniseries, with the invasion being showcased from multiple points of view and in various cities. Matt King’s division at Amazon Television, known for finding intellectual properties that Amazon can use to build worlds from, is leading the project.

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The production team for this new adaptation of The Day of the Triffids is impressive, with Johan Renck, the talented director behind the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries “Chernobyl,” attached to the project. Additionally, the team of Don Murphy, Susan Montford, Jillian Preger, and Dennis DeFrehn of Preger Entertainment will serve as executive producers.

Over the years, The Day of the Triffids has inspired several adaptations, including a 1962 feature film, three radio drama series (in 1957, 1968, and 2001), and two TV series (in 1981 and 2009). With Amazon’s backing, this latest iteration of The Day of the Triffids promises to be a thrilling and entertaining addition to the already impressive list of adaptations.

Fans of science fiction and the original novel can expect a unique and exciting retelling of the story. The miniseries format will provide ample opportunity to explore multiple perspectives, cities, and characters, all while retaining the essence of the original novel. With such an impressive team leading the project, it’s easy to see why fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Day of the Triffids on Amazon Prime Video.