New CANDYMAN Movie Release Date October 16th

CANDYMAN 2020 Poster

It appears that we will still get Candyman this year just a month later tan originally announced. We were just informed that Candyman (Clive Barker) is being delayed by a month. The original release date to thhe theaters was for a September 25th release, Candyman arrivies in US theaters on October 16th. With all this being said with the world currently in the state of affairs that it is currently in we could still see the movie get pushed back even further due to the pandemic currently ravaging the United States. Share this article

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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Producers Cut

Halloween 6 The Alternate Version

Once upon a time there existed a bootleg version of the movie Halloween 6 he Curse of Michael Myers, this version included a very different story line then the one most people are used to seeing, however if you were watching television in the 90s you may have seen the producers cut of Halloween 6 as it was aired on some cable networks one Halloween. I originally seen the Halloween 6 the producers cut when I was quite young, years later I seen the theatrical cut and thought that I had gone mad, asking myself where are the druids and …

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