YouTube the home of true paranormal ghost hunting.

YouTube is a great video streaming platform that is used by millions of people everyday to watch videos ranging from cats doing funny things on camera all the way to streaming paid programming from YouTube premium to catch Cobra Kai on demand. There is no doubt that YouTube is an amazing platform for people to share their video content to the world. Paranormal videos are also very common on the platform, in the age of video streaming YouTube is giving armature ghost hunters and paranormal investigators a great outlet to share their findings to the world and maybe even convince some people that the ghost world is real along the way.

If you were to visit YT right now and type ghost hunting you will find a list of endless videos on the topic some that appear fake and some that seem to be very real, you will also find some with high quality camera work and even higher quality acting making these social media influencers appear better then some of the ghost hunter television shows on a much lower budget. It’s amazing the amount of work and content that creators put into making these videos for us to consume, like and comment on, you may even subscribe to a channel if you found the content to be appealing to your specific taste in video watching.

I have decided to share a small list of video creators that are in one way or another connected to the paranormal community that I have found to be very entertaining to watch even more entertaining then some of the mainstream ghost hunting shows or at least on par with them for quality of content and the scare factor.

I am not listing these channels in any specific order they are all great YouTube channels.

Mindseed TV

The crew at Mindseed TV provide a very high quality ghost hunting experience where you follow the ghost hunting team led by Casey Nolan deep into the world of the paranormal. I have been watching this channel since its inception into the ghost hunting world and seen a pure evolution in the quality of the productions ranging from the sounds to the on camera moments with the paranormal investigators. The videos are extra high quality in terms of post production and the investigations are even better I used to be a skeptic of the channel but now I have to say that they make an amazing production with their Hunting Purgatory show.

Some of the titles found on Mindseed TV are also very elaborate and make you want to click the play button right away with titles such as “Demon Voices in Haunted Yorktown Hospital (Very Scary) Paranormal Investigation” and “THIS investigation almost MADE TANNER QUIT (Paranormal Activity) Evil Spirits in Hunter’s Lodge” to name just two.

Visit Mindseed TV YouTube Channel.


Omar Gosh riding in a car ghost hunting

A more light hearted approach to the paranormal slash horror video streamer, on Omar Gosh TV you follow Omar with his camera and sometimes friends as they explore urban America with the twist being that they do paranormal content most of the time. The videos are entertaining and are full of jump scares. Omar has been doing these videos for a long time and has built a great following,

videos on the omar gosh channel

You will find that the Omar gosh Channel offers quite a few entertaining ghost hunter videos. in addition to the ghost hunting videos you will also notice entertaining social media type videos where Omar and his friends use applications such as Rando Nautica. and if that’s not enough he also does Urban exploring. I highly suggest that you give Omar’s Channel a chance.

Stay tuned for more Paranormal YouTuber information!