Necrometer App Takes Ghost Hunting to the Next Level

Paranormal researchers and ghost hunting teams now have an exciting new tool in their arsenal with the arrival of the multipurpose Necrometer app. This spirit communication and detection app leverages technology to facilitate contacting spirits in innovative new ways.

Designed by a team of developers and paranormal specialists who have brought you the necrophonic app, Necrometer aims to enhance investigations using established ghost hunting theories implemented through cutting-edge mobile software. The app provides three main modes – EMF detection, text communication, and speech communication – to cover various approaches to gathering paranormal evidence.

At the core of the app is an EMF meter that detects fluctuations in the surrounding magnetic fields. Many believe spirits can manipulate electromagnetic energy, so monitoring these changes may indicate otherworldly interference. The meter’s audible reactions to shifts in energy can alert users to potential paranormal manifestations.

For direct spirit conversations, Necrometer offers a text mode using an AI system with a database of thousands of words and phrases. Modeled after successful ITC devices like the Ovilus, words will appear on screen as responses to the investigator’s verbal questions. The theory suggests spirits can select relevant terms by manipulating the device’s energy output.

Finally, the speech mode generates an artificial ghost box/EVP effect for real-time and recorded verbal utterances without any pre-recorded audio banks. Users can adjust settings like rate and pitch of the speech generation based on investigative techniques. Playback review may uncover unheard spirit voices in the noise.

With its triple threat of energy tracking, text, and speech, Necrometer aims to be the ultimate spirit hunting companion. Features like saved recordings and audio effects further enhance functionality. The app syncs paranormal detection tech with communication tools for a simplified investigation suite.

Early user accounts are already praising Necrometer’s responsiveness and ease of use in the field. For anyone searching for signs of the paranormal, this may be the closest we have to a genuine all-in-one ghost hunting gadget short of packing a truckload of equipment. Download the Necrometer app today and venture into uncharted spiritual territory. Just beware what voices may answer back amidst the static..