Arrow Video Announces Eclectic September Lineup of Cult Favorites

Horror streaming service Arrow Video has revealed its diverse slate of retro cinema coming to the platform in September. The upcoming monthly lineup showcases Arrow’s signature taste for both cult classics and obscure genre gems.

Kicking off September is “Dan Martin Selects,” curated by the special effects master behind films like Possessor. Martin’s hand-picked selection spotlights his favorite hidden gems in Arrow’s catalog including The Five Venoms, Giants and Toys, and Hotel Poseidon.

Additional highlights include “Trouble in Time,” a binge-worthy collection of time travel adventures like Whatever This Is, The Navigator, and Dead or Alive: Final. Horror fans can indulge in “Eat the Rich” with satirical stories of the wealthy elite facing gory comeuppance in titles like Society, Audition, and Double Face.

Arrow is also proud to present restored editions of iconic films like Hideo Nakata’s landmark J-horror Ringu in 4K. And a retrospective of Japanese auteur Shinya Tsukamoto dives into the director’s mind-bending cyberpunk masterpieces including Tokyo Fist, Tetsuo, and Tetsuo II: Body Hammer.

Horror legends are further represented in personal selections from Joe Dante including The Mighty Peking Man, Horror Express, and Vampire Circus and Jim Cummings including The Beta Test, The Robbery, and Us Funny.

This diverse September lineup demonstrates Arrow Video’s tireless commitment to serving up the best in often overlooked horror, sci-fi, action, and cult cinema. The platform allows fans to rediscover forgotten classics as well as experience festival favorites and sleeper hits for the first time.

Arrow Video offers acclaimed exclusive content and expertly packaged collections of beloved genre cinema. The September slate has something for every taste, from giallo and grindhouse to slapstick gore and slick cyberpunk. Follow Arrow Video on social media for further announcements and subscribe to the platform for access to these hand-picked selections all month long.