Indie Studio Scoffer Productions Conjures Up Old School Horror with Blood Brothers Life Harvest

Independent film studio Scoffer Productions is bringing retro grindhouse horror to life with their latest book-to-film adaptation, Blood Brothers Life Harvest. I connected with Scoffer Studios head Brittany Sellers about translating their zombie pandemic novel into an intense live action feature.

Blood Brothers follows rural teen Enoch as he fights to protect his fractured family when a rabies-like plague turns people into savage infected “zombies.” But when Enoch is bitten trying to save his brother, he faces a ticking clock before the disease changes him too. With the military closing in, Enoch battles the infection and his own shifting morality to keep everyone alive.

As Sellers explains, Blood Brothers captures raw survival thrills reminiscent of vintage low-budget horror. Filmed on location deep in the backwoods, Scoffer Studios prioritizes practical effects and gritty atmosphere. Sellers promises Blood Brothers will feature no glossy CGI or generic jump scares. Instead, the film aims to recapture the lo-fi intensity and provocative themes of 70s and 80s horror classics.

And Scoffer Studios comes steeped in a passion for old school horror, aiming to revive its stylistic trademarks through modern indies. Past company projects like animated fantasy Dagon recreate the immersive darkness of films like Heavy Metal. Their cast even includes legends like Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley and Rocky Horror’s Tim Curry breathing life into demons and ghouls.

For Sellers, honoring the legacy of unsung indie horror flicks that inspired her is a point of pride: “We make ultimate horror as the dynamic demented duo of Scoffer Studios Productions!”

Blood Brothers Life Harvest represents Scoffer Studios’ biggest endeavor yet in their quest to keep vintage horror alive. Sellers promises the adaptation will stay true to their gritty, character-driven style. While mainstream horror favors slick CGI and jump scares, this indie studio rebels against glossy aesthetics to produce grim throwback thrills on a shoestring budget.

“Scoffer Studios loves what they are doing, love their actors, and especially love all of their fans!” quote by: Diana Firefly movie producer . Judging by early footage, Blood Brothers Life Harvest looks poised to be their goriest love letter yet to raw retro horror. Keep an eye out for its release later this year if you dig old school flavor.

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