Mindseed TV Opening a Dybbuk Box Real or fake?

Finding videos on the internet of random people purchasing or opening a Dybbuk Box is nothing new, the box traditionally has a Hebrew background where a Rabbah would seal up someone’s belongings along with the evil spirit attached to the person in question into the box, sealing the box it’s self with anointed wax. Taking another look at Mindseed TV we can see that Casey Nolan had purchased a Dybbuk Box to open on the Mindseed TV YouTube channel.

So let’s dive right in, Is the Dybbuk Box on Mindseed TV Fake? Is the whole idea of the Dybbuk Box a hoax? Let’s find out.

The above image is a still taken from the video where Casey Nolan purchased his Dybbuk Box online. Pay close attention here, as the image above clearly states: ‘This Dybbuk Box was put together by a practicing witch of the black arts.’. This alone should set off some alarm bells as the history of a Dybbuk Box is not from witchcraft, so while he may be dabbling in the dark arts with this box, it more than likely could not be a true Dybbuk Box as they do not originate from witches and definitely not the kind practicing the black arts.

Just to be clear I’m not saying that the box does not contain something evil or other worldly, just informing the Mindseed TV viewers that an authentic box would not originate with dark arts.

Casey’s study is fascinating to observe, and before opening the box, he utilizes an EMF reader to detect any electromagnetism in the area. The fact that the EMF metre beeps indicates that there is either general electricity emanating from the box, or that it contains a battery or radio gadget. Who can say?

What we do know is that in the world of ghost hunting, an EMF reader is a must-have tool for any serious hunter, as they have been used for decades to attempt to communicate with the spirit world. According to the theory, if there is no electric field around you and the area has been tested, then there should be no random spikes or “hits” on your metre. Casey demonstrates this in the Mindseed video by placing a thermometer near his refrigerator as a baseline reading.

Casey Nolan Mindseed TV EMF Reader on box

Next Mr. Nolan, takes out his rapid radio wave spirit box in an attempt to create a cycling noise for a spirit to use its voice to communicate, sort of like what we see in the Necrophonic app, he does get a few voices come through, which are sure to make the hair stand up on the back of your head.

Casey proceeds to open the box, the EMF reader stops going off at this point, as if to indicate to the viewers of his channel that the essence captured inside the box has now been released inside his home. The opening is short lived as his YouTube play button falls off the wall, followed by other sounds that make Casey literally run outside of his house in fear. I would have ran too.

So that’s the quick rundown of the events in the video, with Casey escaping to his car. But was it real?. The videos created on his channel have one purpose and that’s to offer scares and looks into the unknown as the human mind fears what it does not understand. Mindseed TV offers this experience a truly scary experience. The videos are created to scare you while offering the magic of off-screen effects.

Are they real? Only Casey Nolan knows for sure if the events really happened or not. However with all that we know from the video we can clearly say that the Dybbuk Box is fake as the origins of the box are not that of historic accuracy.

I want to let it be known that I subscribe to the channel and enjoy the videos that Casey and his team put online, they are entertaining and always offer a jump scare or two, the purpose of this article is to analyze the facts behind Dybbuk Box’s and in particular to use the correlating facts to determine the authenticity of the box shown on Mindseed TV. If you like the paranormal then go check out Mindseed TV its sure to offer a scare or two, just remember not everything you see is real on the internet.

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