Hunting Purgatory a Mindseed TV series on Youtube
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Mindseed TV a YouTube channel for Paranormal and Murder?

In the age of social media and YouTube finding, so-called paranormal evidence or ghost hunters is only a click away, as is Mindseed TV

Mind Seed TV a channel that traditionally was used for product reviews is now hosting a plethora of haunted videos ranging from opening up dybbuk boxes to exploring the paranormal.

Recently Casey Nolan posted a set of videos from his hunting purgatory series where Casey and his friend order a mystery box off the darknet.

Inside the box is an article of clothing, mud and some GPS coordinates which leads us to the extreme set-up for a video series.

YouTube video

Usually, ghost hunters just make a set of videos using emf readers, spirits boxes and other ghost hunting tools.

There is no doubt that ghost hunting is going main steam on YouTube as even urbex legend Exploring with Josh has recently engaged in the world of paranormal.

But this series from Mindseed TV is quite disturbing they follow the GPS coordinates to a broken down beat up mobile home, where the team finds more small dresses and a set of old VHS tapes.

Also check out the team at Mindseed TV Opening a Dybbuk Box!

Caseys friend has the VHS tapes restored professionally. What is on them? Well, after getting the tape restored to be a person burying a body.

YouTube video

If they want to be regarded seriously as professional ghost hunters, as they have stated several times, then it is evident that they have gone too far with this video. Nevertheless, it is more than probable that the entire thing was made up for views and likes.

The fact here is that if they found this so-called murder tape then why isn’t it on any news stations and even more so why has the police not been involved in the situation.

No doubt that Mindseed TV produces great entertaining videos and us here at horror facts do enjoy the videos but we would like to know if this was just a pretend video series of if this was actually found. The topic is far too serious for them to be making clicks and views.

It’s hard to believe it could ever happen in real life. It’s a shame that they’ve turned to the strategies of people like Moe Sargi, a YouTube celebrity who was busted for fabricating his videos.

I hope that Casey at Mindseed TV reaches out to us to clarify just exactly what this video series was, reality or entertainment and if its real then where are the authority’s or police with this.


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