Spirit Photography

A Guide to Paranormal Investigation with Spirit Photography

Introduction to spirit photography for paranormal investigations: Spirit photography, also known as ghost photography, refers to the practice of attempting to capture images of spirits, ghosts, apparitions or other paranormal phenomena on film or digital media. Spirit photography has a long and controversial history dating back to the 1860s. Early …

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The Randonautica App

The Randonautica App: Exploring the Paranormal Through Randomness 

The Randonautica app uses quantum random number generation to suggest mysterious coordinates for users to explore unknown locations nearby. While many enjoy using Randonautica for entertainment, adventure and connecting with nature, others report eerie experiences they believe may be paranormal. Some claim the app guides users to places of psychic …

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Communicating with Spirits: The Lost Art of Dowsing

Dowsing rods are one of the most underrated and overlooked tools in the paranormal investigator’s arsenal. These simple divining rods have been used for centuries by dowsers and spiritualists to detect unseen energies and even communicate directly with spirits. While skeptics claim there is no evidence dowsing rods work, those …

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Necrophonic Spirit Box Tear Down

Necrophonic how does the Spirit Box App Really Work?

Necrophonic is a spirit box application for both Android and iOS devices that allows the user to use a sound bank and ITC to create a portal to communicate with entities and/or ghosts. Necrophonic is the ideal tool for anyone who is interested in the paranormal or who is simply …

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Explain how REM Pods work for Ghost Hunting

What Is A REM Pod? Do They Work?

Even though the technology of a REM Pod is not exactly spanking new by any sense of the imagination, paranormal investigators all over the world are always ready to pounce on the next craze when it comes along. It is unquestionable that the use of the REM Pod has become …

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Dybbuk Box on Mindseed TV

Mindseed TV Opening a Dybbuk Box Real or fake?

Finding videos on the internet of random people purchasing or opening a Dybbuk Box is nothing new, the box traditionally has a Hebrew background where a Rabbah would seal up someone’s belongings along with the evil spirit attached to the person in question into the box, sealing the box it’s …

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The Haunting That Inspired ‘The Conjuring’

A series of hauntings took place in the small country town of Harrisville, Rhode Island between January, 1971 and June, 1980 in a roughly 3,100-square-foot home owned by the Perron family. The story of Roger and Carolyn and their five daughters – Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy, and April – would …

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Fear Street 1994

New Trailer for FEAR STREET PART 1: 1994

The much anticipated Fear Street 1994 Trailer has debuted and we have it streaming in Ultra HD for free right here on horror facts. Goosebumps author R.L. Stine has produced something that is no longer for children instead its boasting an R rating which should make for a very interesting …

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