Talking to the Dead: An Introduction to EVP

EVP Ghost Contact

As an avid paranormal investigator, one of my favorite methods for making contact with spirits is through EVP, or electronic voice phenomena. Capturing the voices of ghosts through electronic recording devices remains one of the most compelling forms of supernatural evidence. But for beginners, learning the techniques and tech tools involved can seem daunting. In this article, I’ll provide an overview of the key elements that go into recording and analyzing EVP. What is EVP? … Read The Full Article

Spooky Parallels: Quantum Physics and the Paranormal

A scientist studying equations modeling paranormal phenomena

At first glance, quantum physics and the paranormal seem unlikely compatriots. Yet some of the most boundary-pushing concepts from quantum theory align surprisingly well with claims from paranormal research. This section will explore some of the uncanny parallels that are bringing these two seemingly disconnected fields together. Let’s start with one of the most famous quantum experiments – the double slit experiment. When particles like electrons are fired at a barrier with two slits, they … Read The Full Article

Necrophonic how does the Spirit Box App Really Work?

Necrophonic Spirit Box Tear Down

Necrophonic is a spirit box application for both Android and iOS devices that allows the user to use a sound bank and ITC to create a portal to communicate with entities and/or ghosts. Necrophonic is the ideal tool for anyone who is interested in the paranormal or who is simply curious to learn more about the technology being used by ghost hunters. HorrorFACTS initially wrote about the spirit communication application Necrophonic for mobile devices three … Read The Full Article

How-to use EVP With mobile devices to communicate with the dead.

EVP Mobile apps android and iOS

In the hope that something or someone from the spirit realm will be able to use this energy to communicate back to the listener on an audio band that human ears cannot hear alone, many paranormal investigators use powerful EVP techniques that rely on the capacity to generate static sound waves. These techniques are used in the expectation that something or someone from the spirit realm will use this energy. Some of the first attempts … Read The Full Article