Necrophonic how does the Spirit Box App Really Work?

Necrophonic is a spirit box application for both Android and iOS devices that allows the user to use a Sound Bank and ITC to create a portal to communicate with entities and/or ghosts.

HorrorFACTS initially wrote about the spirit communication application Necrophonic for mobile devices three months ago where we tested the spirit box app Necrophonic on our Android device after seeing it being used by various social media influencers like Omar Gosh TV. Since using the application various times we have had some apparent communication happen where a seemingly intelligent response has been given a few times now.

After attempting communication in various locations and getting some responses back that seem to be audible smart answers to questions spoken aloud, such as ‘ Who is here with us? ‘ where the Necrophonic application after a short duration of about six seconds responded ‘ I am ‘. I then asked them ‘ What is your name ‘ it responded really quickly this time and it said it three times in three different voices ‘ Kings ‘ which ironically is a known family name of the location that was being used to attempt to communicate through the ghost hunting tool. This sent shivers up our spines.

Traditional ghost communication tools and methods now in the palm of your hand with Necrophonic app

After this event of interaction occurring through the application and further testing where some other responses were made to questions about how many of you are there with responses coming in the form of many different voices and answers but still clear numbers such as the response from Necrophonic Spirit Box saying there are three here followed by four and seven. We wanted to know exactly how this could be possible and if we had made communication to the other side by using this simple phone app.

The principle behind the use of a spirit box to make communication is that they generally create a waveform or a radio wave that is scanning in and out through the channels at a rapid or semi-rapid speed creating a white noise of sorts which could also be used to record EVP but not in the same manner instead of playing back audio this is meant to get a response that is audible right in the moment of using the system or radio as an EMF generator which in essence is supposed to create a field that a spirit which we are assuming is made of pure energy should be able to interact with.

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If you are new to the world of communicating with spirits or the para-physics that apparently back the principles behind the uptick of communicating with the dead or otherworldly beings, you probably want to call bull sh!t on this. Don’t shoot the messenger we are just relaying the research that was done to make this article

Ghost trying to communicate with Necrophonic spirit box app

So with that being said if you are following the pseudo-science needed to perform communication with a spirit box you will need the following.

A Haunted Location somewhere that has an active entity.

An energy field such as the radio shifting through channels, emitters, etc.

A silent area with focus and intent.

Lots of luck.

It would not hurt to believe in what you are about to venture into as well apparently it helps communication but that has yet to be proven as I used the Necrophonic application as a skeptic, I’m not a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator just an individual interested in exploring the possibility of communicating with the dead or unseen.

YouTube video

So now that you know what it takes to do a traditional spirit box communication let me tell you why the spirit box app Necrophonic is a futuristic application that goes beyond the standard method of interaction with just plain radio waves. The technology that is being used is similar to the way your phone knows which way you are pointed when using your GPS or a map application, almost all modern mobile devices have a gyroscope and the ability to read EMF electromagnetic fields.

When the technology is combined it creates an application layer used in ghost hunting known as Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) where your phone is acting as an energy generation device that surpasses the traditional radio wave by combining the energy created by your device overall through its radio waves, GPS, gyroscope and the general magnetic field in the area, furthermore in the Necrophonic spirit box app instead of depending on random sounds of static to create a word they instead use a collection of sounds known as an audio bank which are apparently triggered when the ITC field is altered or changes which results in the energy or entity being able to manipulate the sounds being created to form words that are audible to human ears.

Communicating with paranormal entity through technology on smart phones.

If you are still reading this at this point then you are clearly interested in the technology used to interact with the spirit world through these ghost hunting tools that are readily available through your mobile device.

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Is the app real? we don’t know.

Did we have interactions? Yes.

Do we believe in the power of the Necrophonic Spirit app? Sort of.

The bottom line is that there is something causing the app to create intelligent responses to questions, is it trigger words caused by our microphone? maybe but maybe not as we have used the application in dead zones where there is no wifi or mobile data and still got responses.

Believing in this is totally up to you but as always we suggest that if you are going to try this application or any spirit communication that you take precautions to be safe as there is no way to be certain of the effects that may occur from using such tools.


A user has since contacted us they had this to say about their experiences with the Necrophonic app.

It is not a hoax. I had communication from members of my family who had passed away, but I also had evil try to sneak its way into the dialogue. If you’re going to utilize it, you should probably arm yourself with some holy protection beforehand. I won’t be making use of it any more, at least not for the time being. I’m very sure that my late grandpa Dewey made it through, and I’m pretty sure that I heard him pleading with me not to use this app. You take a risk that I wasn’t able to understand, but I’m going to comply with his request anyhow. It’s reaching unsettling proportions…

Rick Murphy

Be sure to keep checking back on the site as we post more updates on our experiences with the Necrophonic app.

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