Apps like Necrophonic the best list of EVP/ITC apps to communicate with spirits

Looking for more Apps like Necrophonic for your smartphone? No problem we have created a list of great Android and iOS apps.

Necrophonic is a spirit box application using live time EVP based upon a soundbank using ITC technology to allow the user of the mobile application to interact with possible entities or spirits that would otherwise not be able to communicate with the user. Unlike traditional EVP where the user trying to make contact would record on a blank micro recorder or digital voice recorder. Applications like Necrophonic use predetermined or stored sounds known as a sound bank which can all be put together by energy to create voices that we can understand without having to prerecord the interaction and play them back later.

During our extensive research into the Necrophonic spirit box app for Android and iOS the team at Horror Facts found that the application is not one of a kind but instead has many variants and many of those apps like necrophonic are created by the same developer some of those apps which work like necrophonic are literally the same thing but just have different skin and a new marketing approach to the user in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. These ITC ghost hunting applications all share the same type of engine driving them in which they use a soundbank, some of the apps include more audio manipulation such as decay and more fine-tuned reverb.

HorrorFacts has compiled a list of applications that are similar to necrophonic and will offer a similar or identical experience while attempting to communicate with those who are no longer with us.

Necrophonic the ghost hunting application for android download now

#1 Necrophonic

The champion, hands down Necrophonic is our favorite application for doing spirit communication it’s very easy to use and offers a smooth experience, seems to work on just about any mobile device and has a very large user following.

The app has been seen on various large YouTube channels such as Omar Gosh TV.

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App Store Locations Download Necrophonic
Android Play Store App
Apple iOS App

#2 Spiritus Ghost Box

Spiritus Ghost Box is the latest application to be released by Chill Seekers the official development team behind the spirit box application Necrophonic, appears to be the same type of application but perhaps using a more modern user interface.

This version comes with audio enhancements over the necrophonic app and could be seen as its successor.

App Store Download Locations for Spiritus Ghost Box
Google Play Store ( Android Devices )
Apple App Store ( iOS Devices )

#3 Ghost Tracker EMF/EVP Recorder

This Ghost Tracker app is not exactly like Necrophonic it instead acts as a classic EVP recorder but with an extra feature the built-in EMF reader will let you know when a spike occurs hence allowing you to record for contact with the other side once you notice there is EMF activity occurring.

It’s a solid app for EVP recording many people have had good success with this method.

App Store Download Locations for Ghost Tracker EMF/EVP Recorder
Google Play Store ( Android Devices )
Apple App Store ( iOS Devices )

As always stay tuned to Horror Facts to find out more about all things paranormal as we provide cutting edge details on everything you need to get started communicating with the other side, horror facts is the trusted community that will let you know when an app like Necrophonic really works or if the app is fake and does nothing.

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