March 28, 2020

Necrophonic the Spirit Box App, we tried it

Necrophonic the ghost hunting application for android download now

So many of you perhaps have heard of spirit boxes, emf readers, EVP recorders and many other devices used in the ghost hunting world.

Recently we were watching an Episode of Omar Gosh TV and he busted out an app on his phone called the Necrophonic spirit box app, he appeared to get some direct communication with what-ever was coming through the app.

Was it real or not? Well we don’t really know all we know is that the app is supposedly using the ITC and EMF sensors on your phone to allow spirits to communicate with you.

We fired up the app for one minute just to listen to anything that may come though without any interaction and this is what we came up with.

Just some random sounds, nothing special so far but we will attempt a real session with the spirit box application and see if we can get any results or tangible responses on the app.

We want to be very clear that if this is indeed a spiritual contact box and it does reach out to the other side its important to be safe when using things like this to contact the other side as the lore would say it will open a portal you never truly know what or who you are talking to.

For now lets just be skeptics and see what we can find next.

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John Guira
John Guira
1 month ago

We tried it out too the voice said my name!

Tina Gillard
Tina Gillard
1 month ago

Excellent Ive wanted to try an app like this guess I will drop the 15 bucks on it

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