Got HBO Max? Three top horror movies streaming now.

HBO recently launched its better streaming service HBO MAX which offers a Netflix type experience with tv shows, movies and more. Horror Facts picked up a subscription and have composed a list of the top 3 horror movies streaming on the platform right now.

Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
The godfather of the living dead genre the one which made all the rules for zombie movies for years to come. Night of the Living Dead stars Duane Jones and Judith O’Dea and is about seven people who find themselves trapped in a rural farmhouse, in a deadly battle against zombies.

A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
The film that kept teenagers from getting a good night sleep for years to come. Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) leaves his imprint on the blood and gore flick world with this first passage into the Freddy Krueger adventure. Freddy is an evil presence that frequents adolescents’ fantasies to kill them. A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the early slasher flicks, and truly outstanding. Regardless of whether you love or loathe him, there is no denying that Freddy is one of the most notorious beasts of the twentieth century.

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
It’s not oceans eleven its Quentin Tarantino’s dusk till dawn one of the very best 90’s vampire movies. one of our top picks for any horror collection. From Dusk Till Dawn follows bank burglarizing siblings Seth and Richie Gecko. One heist prompts them battling vampires in a strip club. Rodriguez and Tarantino bring the strange universe of From Dusk Till Dawn to life in a manner just these two distraught masters can, and it prompts violent, fun outcomes.