Powerful EVP speaking to the dead with mobile devices.

Many paranormal enthusiast are using powerful EVP techniques rely on the abilities to create static sound waves in hopes that something or someone from the spirit world will be able to use this energy to communicate back to the listener on an audio band that that usually is not possible for human ears to hear alone. Some of the original instances of people attempting to use the Electronic Voice Phenomenon involved ghost hunters using a voice recorder either digital or one with an analog tape recording placed near a sound source such as a fan in operation or the loud hum of an old fridge while asking questions such as is there anyone here would would like to communicate with us. When the paranormal investigators would play back the recorded event they would sometimes hear a voice saying something that was not said or at least not heard during the original recording of the session.

Standard voice recorder can be used to record powerful EVP sessions with ghosts and spirits

Over the years there have been great recordings published on the internet which would make the hair on your body stand up such as the famous words found in the film White Noise where the lady is clearly heard saying ‘ Get out of my house ‘ clear evidence of speaking with the dead.

EVP - Get Out Of My House !

In the age of modern technology we have evolved into using not just EVP but other techniques using a mobile device such as spirit boxes where a sound bank can be used in hopes to get better real time responses such as the app Necrophonic has shown us which has yielded some great real time spirit communication results. However the traditional tried tested and true method of using a voice recorder to attempt an EVP session is still very valid and sometimes yields the best results for communication with other beings or entity’s which we will call ghosts. You can simply open the original sound recorder app located in your phone by default and use the tried method of providing an energy source such as a loud fluorescent lamp or the hum of a fan and start your recording process as long as the microphone on your device is decent then you have a EVP recorder built into your phone by default on both Android and Apple devices. There are also other premade applications on the market which generate more noise and energy using your phone in an attempt to create more spiritual influence toward your communication attempts with the supernatural world.

The EVP Software

There are various software packages available for recording EVP some will provide static for the recording to help enhance the electromagnetic field which is believed to generate useable energy for spirits left behind, speaking with the dead has never been so easy with a mobile device, we have listed some of the applications that we have tested prior to the creation of this article.

The BEST application for recording an EVP is the built in voice recording app its free and works the best however we have included another one if you wanted to try it.

The Sono Spirit Bo‪x provides FM radio frequency for energy while allowing you to create powerful EVP sessions.
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How-to Record EVP

Step 1. Find a place that you have found to be haunted, odd cold spots, or the place where a loved one may have passed away.

Step 2. Be mentally prepared anything can happen you are entering the world of the unknown, use protection pray, use cleansing or simply do not use this method of communication as this is the same thing as opening a portal you may never know what could come through and connect to you, it could be a loved one, a ghost of another, static on the radio or even a demon according to the experts.

Step 3. Prepare your audio recorder, we suggest using a simply sound recorder app nothing fancy just a standard reliable sound recording application on your mobile device or a legitimate stand alone voice recorder, before you start make sure you have ample time to spend as this may take sometime, now press record and start with a general invitation to speak with you.

Step 4. Do not stop the recording, ask questions and wait for a response, you will not be able to hear anything right now as you will review the recorded sounds afterward, keep asking questions and pause to allow time for a response. It is suggested that you use ambient sound such as a fan or something that is physically creating energy nearby.

Step 5. Say thank you and tell the entity you may not attach or follow me. Wait for it they may say something right here. then stop the recorder.

Step 6. Use earbuds and replay your recording listen a few times and consider using an app to slow down or increase the gain on the audio.

The team at Horror Facts takes no responsibility for your EVP sessions or the result of anything you may or may not come in contact with we are simply providing you the standard steps that professional ghost hunters use when creating these recordings in haunted locations. We hope that you will take these adventures serious and proceed with caution as you never know what is on the other side.

EVP Resources

Electronic voice phenomenon on Wikipedia
Association TransCommunication
US Government statement on EVP

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