SLS Camera How Does it work? complete explainer

What is an SLS Camera? How Does it Work? Let’s find Out.

If you are into the Paranormal and Ghost Hunting then you have more than likely heard about or have seen an SLS Camera in action. The specialized camera is used by ghost hunters, paranormal investigators and technology enthusiast around the world who are seeking to use the technology to see what the human eye cannot.

The original SLS camera was created by those who realized that the popular accessory for the Xbox console can be used for so much more than playing video games as its detection of humanoid shapes is very good and has been displaying the exoskeleton figures of people who are simply not there on both the hackathon SLS camera’s and even on the Xbox console.

Ghost Hunters have adapted the SLS Camera to their toolset as somewhat of a gold standard, Kinect based SLS paranormal devices are quite expensive and are very delicate, making them a tool for the elite sect of ghost hunters. However in modern days there have been technological advancements allowing high quality mobile device cameras to act as an emulated SLS Camera, more on that later.

One thing is for sure, when Microsoft created the Kinect camera they had no idea that the device would be used on a daily basis by ghost hunters to track down spirits.

Kinect SLS Camera IRNV Ghost Tutorial

What’s inside an SLS Camera, How does it work?

The Microsoft Kinect, manufacturer, claims that its camera, which projects infrared light onto a monochrome CMOS sensor, displays the world as a collection of dots in a 3D pattern. Using these infrared dots, the camera can capture dimensionality and finer textures. Joint and movement recognition allow the software to “see” human beings. Infrared sensors can pick up ghosts since their humanoid shapes are immediately identifiable to the computer.

The Structured Light Sensor Camera System, or SLS camera, has become an iconic piece of equipment for the television show Ghost Adventures. It aids paranormal investigators in seeing things that can’t be seen with the naked eye, allowing ghost hunters to obtain video evidence of paranormal occurrences. Stick figures are used to illustrate these shapes, and they frequently move about or appear to stand on top of people’s heads. In the premiere episode, “Saint James Hotel,” the SLS camera was used for the first time.

There is no cap placed on the number of figures that can be recognized and captured at any given time. In order to construct the image, it employs an infrared light projection technology that makes use of two CMOS sensors. These sensors generate a three-dimensional map of the environment and the items in it, and they can determine how close everything else is to the subject. presenting you with a visual image that is continuous.

Because it processes all of the color light through the photosites, a monochrome sensor can record images with better clarity and detail than a color sensor. More data are made accessible for the image-making process as each photosite travels through all of the lights. In addition, there is no requirement for demosaicing. This results in an image that is clearer while also having less distortion.

an SLS camera, which emits millions of tiny light points to create a 3D map of an entire room. That light is either absorbed or immediately reflected to create an image of the interior space. It’s believed that this method can show details otherwise hidden from plain sight. Presumably, a supernatural phenomenon like a ghost or apparition will have a unique effect on light, maybe causing it to be absorbed or refracted in a distinctive way.

Ghost found on SLS Camera

While we are not 100% certain that Ghost Adventures were the first to use such technology, this was the first time that the device was seen according to all of our research.

The Evolution of SLS Cameras

Despite the traditional SLS Camera being superior and proven to yield results an all new technology has emerged known as the “XLS Camera,” a groundbreaking piece of technology, had its debut in Wickenburg. It functions exactly the same as the SLS Camera does, but it maps in a three-dimensional location to map in everything that is out in open space. There are also Thermal Cameras which are used in paranormal investigations.

It’s amazing that technology is evolving so rapidly, with the evolution of SLS Cameras to XLS Cameras coming soon the possibility’s are endless.

SLS Camera Mobile App

With all these technologic advances comes the world of mobile devices, with apps like Necrophonic, EVP Recorders, Spirit Boxes, and EMF reader apps for mobile among so many more, it comes as no surprise that there are now SLS camera apps on mobile.

The problem with apps is finding one that actually does what it claims to do, we have tried every single SLS Camera app that is currently listed on Android and iPhone and have come to the conclusion that there is really only one app that is worth using out of all of them ( at the time of posting this article ). While the app is decent it will never be a true replacement for a hardware backed ghost hunting camera.

GhostTube SLS Camera

The only viable SLS Camera app is the GhostTube SLS Camera which offers an easy to use solution to detecting humanoid figures, it will detect actual people much like the Kinect which is all done by computer processing inside your mobile device. A high quality camera is a must for this app to work properly the budget phone cameras just won’t cut it when it comes to using the app in the dark as it will yield too many false positives.

Ghost Tube SLS Camera Detection on Ghost

Honestly if you are into small scale ghost hunting or are just messing around with EVP or Spirit Boxes then you should add the GhostTube SLS Camera to your app library as its built pretty well and there is no other app that works as good as this one.

Links for GhostTube SLS Camera
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Do SLS Camera’s work? Our conclusion

These SLS cameras work and they work extremely well, the detection rate is almost perfect for finding people its a masterpiece of technology which is being adapted by more and more people everyday.

The caveat of the camera is that it does work, but does it really work on finding ghosts or apparitions or are they false positives. That’s’ the question that nobody truly has the answer to as with all paranormal culture it comes down to do you believe in the afterlife and spirits? People will always be skeptical of ghost and specters but for those of us who have had paranormal experiences we know that there is something out there.

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