Explain how REM Pods work for Ghost Hunting
Explain how REM Pods work for Ghost Hunting
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What Is A REM Pod? Do They Work?

Even though the technology of a REM Pod is not exactly spanking new by any sense of the imagination, paranormal investigators all over the world are always ready to pounce on the next craze when it comes along. It is unquestionable that the use of the REM Pod has become significantly more commonplace in the field of paranormal investigation over the past few years, particularly when it comes to the purpose of determining whether or not a living spirit can be found in the location where ghost hunting is taking place.

Assuming you have general knowledge of the tools used in traditional attempts at proving the paranormal you have certainly heard of items such as EVP Recorders which are used to record your question plus the white noise that follows in an attempt to communicate with a entity. EMF Meters or K2 Meters which are used to measure spikes in the Electro Magnetic Field around the device which is said only to spike if electricity in nearby or perhaps a ghost. SLS Cameras which are used to find the outline of a person in the form of a stick figure. And lastly items like Spirit Boxes which create either audible noise using a sound bank or tune in and out of open radio frequencies which sometimes to result in some very high quality results such as the famous Necrophonic app.

Therefore, with all of these tried-and-true instruments that are available to the paranormal investigators in question, it is possible to get a better idea of what they are looking for. Where exactly does the REM Pod come into play at this point? Let’s find out.

REM Pod Ghost Hunting Tool
REM Pod Ghost Hunting Tool

How does a REM Pod Work?

The REM pod is a piece of equipment that is used in the field of ghost hunting. It is designed to notify paranormal investigators of any changes in the temperature of the location in which they are operating. This provides the investigator with the ability to enter the data into their records, along with any behavior that may have been an instigating occurrence. These records may then be used for later research. This gives the investigator the option to look into any conceivable situations that may have been the catalyst for the spiritual interaction. They will also have the opportunity to note any actions that they may have taken as a result of this that may have been a contributing cause.

The REM-Pod is capable of producing its very own electromagnetic field (EMF) thanks to the utilization of a tiny telescopic antenna in this process. This antenna may be seen positioned all the way around the apparatus. The existence of materials and objects that conduct electricity has the potential to quickly change the characteristics of this electromagnetic field.

Another helpful feature of the REM Pod is referred to as ATDD, which stands for Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection.

When the field is perturbed by the energy of a probable paranormal presence, each of the four (4) distinct coloured LED lights turns on. This occurs simultaneously. Depending on how close the source is, how strong it is, and how the electromagnetic field is warped, they can be activated in any sequence or combination.

The information that is provided by the REM Pod, which may be accessed while performing an inquiry and analysing the data at a later time, provides context to the activities that are now going place. The results of your research will show whether or not there was any impact on the temperature or electromagnetic fields, for example, at the same time as there was probable paranormal activity captured on tape by your video camera.

Using a REM Pod For a Professional Paranormal Investigation
Using a REM Pod For a Professional Paranormal Investigation

Who uses these REM Pods?

To answer your question, the average individual probably wouldn’t want to spend more than $200 on a gadget like this unless they had a strong desire to establish the presence of the paranormal. However, if that was the case, they may consider making the investment. According to the information that I was able to extract during my research of REM Pods, the people who use these devices tend to fall into one of two groups as a direct result. These categories are: Investigators of the supernatural make up the first category of users of The REM Pod. The second category, on the other hand, is made up of of YouTubers who conduct their own independent research.

This will be just one of the tools that the team of experts will bring to the location while conducting a paranormal investigation. The first type of ghost hunter is a professional who is a ghost hunter for hire. In most cases, they are given a fee to enter a home that is thought to be haunted or has a history of paranormal activity. Think of shows like Zak Bagans or Ghost Adventures for these kinds of investigations, as well as your local ones, if applicable, which may be run out of a paraphysics team in a local institution of higher study.

Then there are the YouTubers who are making these devices even more popular, were talking about the ‘Overnight Channel’, ‘Mindseed TV’, ‘Exploring with Fighters’. ‘Exploring with Josh’, ‘Paranormal Files’ and so many more who have spend huge amounts of time and money to investigate some of the most haunted locations that they can find. While this just may be my opinion, I believe that these all or nothing youtubers are setting the bar much higher then these huge Hollywood productions when it comes to reality tv style ghost hunting.

Key Facts about REM Pods

  • Device used in paranormal investigations to detect changes in electromagnetic fields.
  • Contains an antenna that emits its own EMF field.
  • Detects disturbances in the field from electrical/paranormal activity.
  • Has LED lights that illuminate when the field is disrupted.
  • Measures electromagnetic and temperature changes simultaneously.
  • Results provide context to potential paranormal activity captured on video/audio.
  • Primarily used by professional paranormal investigators and ghost hunting YouTubers.
  • Considered a standard piece of equipment in a ghost hunter’s toolkit.
  • Provides supporting evidence alongside other devices like EVP recorders, EMF meters, etc.
  • Relatively affordable at around $200 for most enthusiasts.
  • Easy to use and deploy during investigations.
  • Gives investigators tangible readings to analyze later.

Check out this video on how a REM Pod works in less than two minutes.

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As always Horror Facts is the home to all paranormal ghost hunting equipment, be sure to bookmark the page and check back often for even more educational and informational studies on the tools used in the world of ghost hunting and paranormal.


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  1. Wow, I’ve got to get my hands on a REM Pod for my next ghost hunt! Seems a nifty complement to my EMF meter and infrared camera. I like how it uses LED light patterns to indicate ghostly presence.

  2. I’m not fully convinced these REM Pods aren’t just responding to normal electromagnetic interference and drafts. More double blind studies on their ghost detection capabilities need to occur before I’m sold.

  3. Huh, I actually think my buddy used something like this REM Pod on our overnight stay at the old Smythe House last year. It was pretty eerie when it suddenly started flashing red lights out of nowhere! Still not 100% sure if that meant a ghost was in the room…but it definitely freaked me out at the time!

  4. I dunno, this gadget seems kinda gimmicky to me.

    Like are these paranormal investigators really gonna capture hard evidence of ghosts with it?

    I could see it being fun for creating creepy moments on those overnight ghost hunting shows. But $200 seems steep just for some flashy lights going off now and then

  5. This REM Pod is definitely getting added to my ghost hunting equipment stash. Here’s hoping it’ll help me finally capture definitive proof of spirits when I do my overnight at the old abandoned asylum next month. I’ll be sure to leave a review of the REM Pod’s ghost-catching capabilities once I’ve given it a test run out in the field!

    • If you want to see how seasoned ghost hunters use REM Pods in the field, I highly recommend checking out the Paranormal Files channel on YouTube. They’ve got tons of videos using REM Pods alongside other equipment like spirit boxes during their investigations of haunted abandoned buildings.

      In their multi-part series exploring the creepy Old Crowley Medical Center, there are some especially cool clips of the REM Pod lighting up seemingly in response to questions asked to lingering spirits. The flashing lights paired with eerie noises caught on tape makes for some chilling viewing!

      The channel also broadly discusses ghost hunting gadgets and frequently covers viewer questions in Q&A videos. So if seeing real demonstrations doesn’t fully demystify how to use your new REM Pod, just poke around their content for troubleshooting advice. Happy haunting!

  6. I have a fascination with the paranormal, I’ve done my fair share of overnight stays in haunted houses and graveyards. I’ve brought along my trusty EMF meter in the past, but it can be tricky trying to document those fleeting spikes in electromagnetic energy. This is where the REM Pod sounds super useful!

    I love how it has the antenna emitting its own electromagnetic frequency – makes it way easier to detect even subtle fluctuations. And the fact that it also monitors for temperature changes at the same time? Genius! It’s so hard trying to correlate random cold spots with potential ghostly energy surges. This thing makes it way simpler.

  7. Okay, so I’ll admit I made an impulse buy after reading this article and ordered a REM Pod without knowing much about how to actually use it. Now that my new ghost hunting toy has arrived in the mail, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed! I was initially captivated by the cool flashing lights and promise of real paranormal detections. But now that I’m looking at the actual device, I’m not sure where to even begin.

    How exactly am I supposed to set this thing up for optimal spirit catching? The instructions mention calibrating baseline readings, but don’t really explain how. And what settings should I use for my first attempts trying this puppy out? I see there are dials that say stuff like “Frequency” and “Sensitivity.” Is there some method to figuring out what levels work best?

    I’m also curious how far away I can be from the REM Pod to still record data. And can certain environmental factors inadvertently set it off? The last thing I want is false ghost pings just because someone turned on the microwave!

    If any experienced REM Pod users have advice for an excited yet confused newbie, I’d appreciate it! I really want to test this device out in my cousin’s Victorian era house next weekend. But without guidance, I may just end up sitting in the dark with crazy flashing lights and no idea what’s causing them. Help this hopeful spirit hunter get started on the right paranormal investigation path!

    • Hey there! Don’t fret, learning to use a REM Pod seems much more complicated than it really is. I can definitely provide some ghost hunting tips to get you going. First off, start by turning it on and letting your device sit for a few minutes. This allows it to establish a baseline reading for the environment it’s in. That way when paranormal stuff makes the numbers spike up or down rapidly, you know something’s up.

      In terms of settings – I’d leave it on the default factory frequency and sensitivity to start. Once you get more comfortable with how your specific REM Pod responds, then you can tweak those levels accordingly. Make sure you’re within about a 5 foot radius of the device too for the initial run. The detection field extends a good bit, but you want to be close enough to see those lights flashing!

      As for false alarms – appliances can sometimes impact readings, but you’ll get a feel for distinguishing paranormal energy with practice. I always do a few test runs in new locations – ask out loud for spirits to come forward and affect the REM Pod. You’ll know pretty quick if random factors are messing with it or if you’ve got eager ghosts!

      It definitely takes some patience and experimenting to master REM Pod ghost hunting. But start simple and don’t overcomplicate things, and you’ll be detecting spirits in no time! Let me know if any other questions pop up – us paranormal friends gotta stick together.

  8. I’m beyond thrilled to incorporate real-time spirit communication into my investigations for maximum proof of hauntings. The REM Pod’s unmatched precision paired with the vivid LED visualization empowers all levels of supernatural enthusiasts. From amateur spirit seekers to seasoned paranormal professionals, this multipurpose breakthrough device elevates evidence gathering for ghostly presences.

  9. I gotta ask – is this REM Pod thing the same type of device the TFIL guys use in their overnight challenges and ghost hunting videos? I binge watch a lot of their super fun and freaky haunted location exploration content. And I seem to remember Dakota and Jake pulling out a gadget that looks an awful lot like what’s pictured in this article.

    In their video where they and Corey stay overnight in the terrifying abandoned Black Moon Manor, I recall Jake whipping out a REM Pod when asking spirits to give them a sign of their presence. And there’s that unforgettably chilling moment when Dakota gets physically pushed by some unseen entity and the REM Pod starts wildly flashing!

    So I’m assuming the TFIL crew utilizes these pods to detect ghostly disturbances through electromagnetic frequency changes and temperature fluxes? If so, seeing how they use it out in the real haunted field, combined with this breakdown of the actual technology, gives me full confidence in the capabilities of the device. Any confirmation this is what Jake, Corey and Dakota trust would be awesome! Either way, TFIL is fueling my interest to test one out for myself during my own amateur investigations!

  10. No way, I just watched an awesome video from my favorite urbex YouTuber Exploring with Josh where he teamed up with Omar from OmarGoshTV to investigate this creepy abandoned mansion. When they were hearing weird noises on the upper floor, Omar pulled out this device called a REM Pod to try to detect if any ghosts were causing it. I’m pretty sure it was the exact gadget described in this article!

    Seeing Josh and Omar use the REM Pod when things got spooky definitely piqued my curiosity. And then the other day, I was watching an Upload video from The Fam where CJ was showing Chester from Slapped Ham that crazy tunnel network under the city. When they thought they spotted a shadowy figure, Chester whipped out the same kind of device – turns out it was also a REM Pod!

    After seeing so many of my favorite YouTube explorers using REM Pods during their adventures, I’m convinced the ghost hunting community must find them pretty darn reliable! It was cool to finally read more about the actual technology behind them here. Sounds like I might need to get my hands on a REM Pod to test out next time I tag along on some abandoned location missions with my paranormal-loving friends!

  11. I’m very intrigued by this REM Pod and how it works to detect paranormal activity. Though I’ll admit, the complex electromagnetic field disturbance sensing tech goes a bit over my head! I’m wondering – could I see the REM Pod in action if I watched certain ghost hunting television shows that investigate haunted places?

    For example, does the veteran team on Ghost Adventures utilize REM Pods when they courageously lock themselves overnight in locations like the menacing Los Coches Adobe with tormented spirits? I feel like I may have spotted Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley using similar devices on their groundbreaking paranormal investigations.

    And what about on Ghost Nation when Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti are analyzing unexplained phenomena? I bet the REM Pod has helped them uncover chilling evidence while exploring haunted sites like the dark and sinister Rhodes Manor.

    Or could Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes have relied on REM Pods during paranormal hotspots on their pioneering show Ghost Hunters? Watching how seasoned experts use the equipment could help me better understand it before purchasing my own to search for ghosts!

  12. I’m curious – is there a REM Pod app I could download to turn my phone into a makeshift ghost detector?

    I know there are several paranormal apps I’ve come across that aim to connect users with spirits. Like, could I theoretically get the same EMF readings and temperature change notifications from my iPhone using the popular Necrophonic app? Or what about using the Ghost Radar Classic app to pick up on any bizarre signals suggesting ghostly energies?

    Even apps not exclusively designed for ghost hunting like EchoVox seem to employ predictive text algorithms allowing for verbal responses from beyond. I’d think an app could replicate the REM Pod light patterns indicating paranormal activity is influencing electromagnetic fields nearby. It sure would be more affordable than buying the $200 physical gadget!

    But I guess there’s something about having the actual device with the specialized antenna that makes the REM Pod worth the investment for serious ghost hunters. Still, if any apps can even come close to mimicking its spirit-sensing capabilities, I’d love to know before making a purchase decision!

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