An Exploration of Zak Bagans, The Haunted Museum

Beyond the neon lights of Las Vegas, a city known for its dazzling allure and extravagant entertainment, lurks, The Haunted Museum, a labyrinth of the damned, where legendary ghost hunter, Zak Bagans has meticulously gathered a collection of cursed curiosities and artifacts of unspeakable horror—a Pandora’s box of the paranormal. Within the historic Wengert Mansion, a dwelling that has witnessed its fair share of darkness since its construction in 1938, a paranormal playground comes to … Read The Full Article

Unboxing Shadows: The Allure and Peril of Dybbuk Boxes in the Digital Age

A haunted Dybbuk Box with a face on the box

In the shadowy corners of the supernatural, few artifacts have stirred as much unease and curiosity as the enigmatic Dybbuk box. This small, often ornate box is believed to contain the spirit of a malevolent demon or spirit that has been banished from a person or place, and is said to be anything but benign. According to Jewish folklore, the Dybbuk is a restless, usually malicious spirit that, having been unable to move on to … Read The Full Article

Dybbuk Box – The World’s Most Haunted Object

When you watch a horror film, it can sometimes leave you with a sense of fear or dread. Our only consolation is that we can tell ourselves that what we just watched isn’t real, that it never actually happened. But what about a Dybbuk Box? But what if it was real and did actually happen? Think of the times you’ve watched a movie and received a message that what you are about to watch is … Read The Full Article

Mindseed TV Opening a Dybbuk Box Real or fake?

Dybbuk Box on Mindseed TV

Finding videos on the internet of random people purchasing or opening a Dybbuk Box is nothing new, the box traditionally has a Hebrew background where a Rabbah would seal up someone’s belongings along with the evil spirit attached to the person in question into the box, sealing the box it’s self with anointed wax. Taking another look at Mindseed TV we can see that Casey Nolan had purchased a Dybbuk Box to open on the … Read The Full Article



A real haunted museum will be accessible to horror fans without them leaving the comfort of their own home starting in a few weeks. This new series from discovery+ will premiere on Oct. 2, courtesy of filmmaker Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel). The Haunted Museum takes fans on a tour of Zak Bagans’ haunted collection, in the style of Ghost Adventures. It is reported that Bagans has amassed thousands of bizarre artifacts in his 30-room … Read The Full Article